May 14, 2019

The Dangers of Spiritual Ambition.


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Certain mantra and meditation techniques bring feelings of power, energy, and opening.

But if you approach your practice as “work,” with accompanying striving and strain, you won’t discover the true blessings.

Spiritual ambition, striving, and strain can’t bring true stillness and peace.

To find this peace, instead of practicing with great fervor, balance the “ascent” and “descent” of your energies equal in duration and intensity. Through balance, you will more easily rest in stillness—and in this state, the powers of discernment, perception, and creative imagination arise to serve and benefit all beings.

Learn more in this week’s Nano Teaching video:

This Nano Teaching is an excerpt from a longer teaching, originally offered to the Wisdom Heart Community.

Questions to think about:

>> Do you struggle to find peace in your meditative practice?
>> Why spiritual ambition, striving, and strain won’t bring true stillness and peace.

The Wisdom Heart Community is for people who want to deepen their spiritual practice and live with wisdom.


author: Eric Klein

Image: Motoki Tonn/Unsplash

Image: @elephantjournal/instagram

Editor: Naomi Boshari


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pamlmt May 20, 2019 6:59am

The Nano teaching by Wisdom Art was right on! Thx. ?

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Eric Klein

Eric Klein is one of the few people on the planet to be both a bestselling leadership author and lineage holder in a 5,000 year old yoga tradition. His work translates the wisdom traditions into practices and principles for people who want to bring greater spirit, meaning, and authenticity to their work and lives. His award-winning books include You are the Leader You’ve Been Waiting For, Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash the Power of People at Workand To Do or Not To Do: How Successful Leaders Make Better Decisions. His signature online program The Meditation Habit integrates neuroscience, behavior change technology, and spiritual practice. Learn more at his website.