May 24, 2019

Would you date a Vegan? Marry a Meat-Eater?


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What really matters when we are deciding who to date?

Their values, their lifestyle, their appearance, the food they eat?

We have some thoughts.


Would I date a vegan? Sure, I’m vegan. I am dating a vegan, in fact.

Would I marry a vegan? I’d have to love them, but sure, of course.

Would I date a meat-eater? Sure—my values are different than other folks’, and I get that. My decisions aren’t yours.

Would I marry a meat-eater? Well…

A civil discussion:




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the_only_delisa May 27, 2019 6:10pm

What you refer to as “one of those crazy vegans” is the reason why vegans are often disliked. They judge everyone else and often come off holier than thou.

Susannah-Joy Schuilenberg May 27, 2019 4:04pm

Substitute any other value – Would you marry a Christian? Would you marry a Muslim? Would you marry an Atheist? Would you marry an Omnivore? Someone who drives a car? All of these choices are manifestations of espoused/embraced values.
For those with rigid, legalistic expectations that my partner agree with/follow/adopt my values, then No. definitely not. Almost guaranteed to divorce.

For those with the ability to allow others the true freedom of choice they themselves wish to exercise, it’ll probably work. Depends on how much effort each partner makes to build a healthy relationship. Just like any other marriage.

Know a remarkable number of couples with beliefs/values systems which are different (e.g. Zen Buddhist & Christian) but who have long, long term partnerships and a deep mutual respect for each other.

Oh. Wait.

That’s probably the key.

Mutual respect.

csills May 27, 2019 12:13pm

I would provided they respect others choices. In my humble opinion vegans , like firewalkers and contorionists , tend to be evangelical in nature .

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