June 3, 2019

611 Words to help us Reclaim our Power.


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She is the woman who has been conditioned by relationships, family, and people who she has met along the way.

But she’s changing, blossoming, and beautifully stepping into her power because she has realised, after years of repression, how much she has been giving away.

She realised she was a goddess who had been acting like a slave to those around her year upon year.

The people she chose to be in her life created a change in her, as connections do for all of us—yet some of these changes are painful before they are fruitful.

She is changing into the voice who speaks, unencumbered, about life, love, sex, and emotions. She is the woman who has ocean-blue spirals flowing from her throat chakra, after years of being punished for speaking her truths.

She is growing into the person who doesn’t break away from eye contact for fear of being discovered; she wants the deep knowing that comes from soul-searching eyes.

She is becoming the “open book” who no longer hides her pages with the expectation of being shamed; she is open for the ones who want to explore her chapters.

She is evolving into the woman who no longer tries to hide her fierce passion; she has leonine blood running though her veins, and she is not ashamed to want you.

Sometimes it is only by being restricted to soul-suffocating levels that we get the strength to finally break out of the cocoon that has either been imposed upon us or that we have imposed upon ourselves.

“She’s gone mad,” we hear them cry. “She just quit her job and left her marriage. What a selfish girl.”

Many people become threatened when the status quo comes into question. If we step out of our comfort zone and start embracing our soul purpose, that may mean leaving certain people behind who have served to condition us to “play small” so that they don’t find us a threat in any way. This can work on very subtle levels. It can simply be a partner’s passive aggression when we suggest doing something for ourselves, or a friend’s underhand comments when we mention that we are thinking of studying or broadening our horizons.

When we begin to expand ourselves on emotional and spiritual levels, those who react negatively around us are reminded of their own perceived failures or stunted emotional growth in life. However, those who support us are the ones who are meant to be part of our tribe going forward; they are the ones also willing to embrace change.

Reducing or eliminating contact with toxic people is always beneficial for soul growth and essential to our well-being.

We cannot grow into a luscious, fruit-bearing tree if we are “pot-bound” by those around us.

Being conditioned provides some valuable insights into our psyche, our development, and especially our boundaries. We eventually learn that we are not willing to put up with other people’s ideas of who we should be. They either like us for who we are, or they are not meant for us.

How many of us have grown past the lessons of a relationship or fallen out with family members because we no longer fit in with their idea of who we should be?

How many of us have felt the bittersweet parting of friendships because we start to resonate with different frequencies, having left the old and outdated ones behind us?

This is the process of reclaiming ourselves, and it feels anything but beautiful while it is happening. Yet, when we reach the noble shore of our true selves and watch the sun rise with honest and aware eyes, it is so much brighter and more miraculous than anything we have set our eyes upon previously.


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