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June 14, 2019

A Healing Crystal for Every Zodiac Sign

Crystal healing is a mystical practice that incorporates the beautiful, shining treasures found within the
Earth’s crust and allows their energies to penetrate our mind, body and spirit.

Growing up, I remember seeing crystals all over my home – placed there by the woman who would later
introduce me to all-things-magic, my mother. I didn’t recognize their healing properties at such a young
age, but I knew that there was something special about these stones. I would gaze at the neatly arranged
stones on her desk and her altar, transfixed by their beauty.

When I grew old enough to understand and appreciate the healing nature of gemstones, my mother
gave me my first crystal encyclopedia and a luminescent labradorite wand. From that day forward, I’ve
always had at least one crystal with me at all times.

Now, as a grown-up, my own home is adorned with selenite, amethyst, rose quartz and moonstone,
among others. But one of the most exciting things I have learned about crystals over the years is their
correlation with astrology.

Crystals and Astrology

Did you know that each crystal out there corresponds to a certain planet or zodiac sign? The healing
properties of a stone seem to amplify and even morph when used in conjunction with their
corresponding zodiac sign.

For instance, citrine is a positive stone that is associated with Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Libra. While
citrine is still effective for members of any sign, it has a special effect on the signs associated with it.
Citrine might help elevate the mood of a Cancer, while boosting Gemini’s creativity and helping Libra
maintain balance.

As a Sagittarius, I have always had a special connection with labradorite. Its epithet as the “Stone of
Magic,” along with its fairy-like sheen have always captivated me.

Perhaps you are newer to crystal healing or astrology, or maybe you were unaware of their connection –
but don’t fret! I want to share this guide that describes the perfect power crystal for your unique sign.


Hematite is one of the best stones for Aries’ fiery nature. My own father always wears a ring made of
hematite on his hands, and I can’t remember ever seeing him without it. Hematite is a metallic, grey-black
stone that creates a protective psychic shield and absorbs the negative energy around it. It helps
maintain and control the fire within Aries by providing grounding and balance.


Kyanite – a silvery-blue, shimmering crystal – is a natural birthstone for Taurus, and it’s easy to see why.
This stone helps grounded Taurus rise up in the ether, promoting intuition, spirituality and mental
stimulation. Wearing or meditating with dark blue kyanite can open the third eye chakra and help you
become more aware of clairvoyant visions or dreams, while lighter variations open the throat chakra
and help you speak your mind.


For Gemini’s airy nature, blue lace agate is the perfect complimentary stone. Like its name implies, this
stone is light blue with streaks of white, resembling lace, wrapped around its body. Blue lace agate
increases effective communication, and it will help you hear the voice of your higher self, promoting
self-awareness and trust. This crystal will help you feel more confident to express yourself, which will
boost your creativity.


Cancers are ruled by the Moon, so moonstone is their power crystal. This stone comes in translucent,
shimmery shades of white and flashing blue. It is sometimes called the “Dream Stone” and promotes
lucid dreaming and dream recall. This crystal will help you connect to the Moon, as well as your own
emotions. It is associated with the third eye and crown chakras and will help you feel more spiritually
connected and attuned to your own nature.


Peridot, also known as “The Gem of the Sun,” is a brilliant green crystal that acts as a birthstone for Leo.
This crystal promotes creativity and helps maintain the cheer and optimism that are synonymous with
Leo. Peridot soothes the senses and can help tame your spicier moods by increasing positivity – it
encourages compassion and dispels negativity. Working with peridot will help you feel even more like
your fun-loving self!


One of the best crystals for earthy Virgo is the amethyst, a stone that ranges from light lilacs to deep
purples and provides spiritual grounding. I recommend amethyst for all of my favorite Virgos, because
emotional balance is so important for their growth. This stone can help you open your heart chakra and
prepare yourself to give and receive love. Amethyst dispels negative energy, assists with addictions and
increases courage and mental clarity.


Jade is an ideal stone for Libra because of its ability to promote harmony. This stone comes in shades of
light green, from mint to seafoam, and attracts friendship – a perfect property for social Libra. Jade also
encourages self-sufficiency and will help you trust your ideas and decisions. This crystal promotes
spiritual connection and will help you access mystical realms. Jade is also beautiful, fulfilling what my
Libran mother calls the Libra’s “need to be surrounded by beauty.”


The ideal stone for Scorpio is rhodochrosite, a crystal that comes in milky hues of light reds and pinks.
Rhodochrosite opens the heart and heals heartaches and pains. This stone connects the physical to the
spiritual, helping you feel spiritually balanced and enlightened. Rhodochrosite addresses and corrects
depression and will help you feel positive in the face of your deep, existential thoughts. This crystal will
also help you feel more connected to your dreams and enhance creativity.


Labradorite – a dark grey-green stone that contains flashes of blues, yellows and greens – is the ultimate
stone for Sagittarius. As a Sagittarius myself, I own more labradorite than I’d like to admit – I simply cannot ignore this crystal. Labradorite helps me feel connected to life’s mysteries, like I’m part of the
spiritual realm. This “Stone of Magic” will help you transform yourself in times of change, it will enhance
your intuition and help eliminate your fears. Labradorite is an inspiring stone, and it will stimulate your
creativity and imagination.


Capricorns are prone to overworking themselves, which can lead to stress. Fluorite – a translucent stone
that comes in hues of green and purple – is the perfect antidote to this stress, as it absorbs stressful,
negative energies and promotes positivity. This crystal can improve decision making, encouraging you to
take a break every once in a while and learn to relax. Fluorite also increases concentration and focus,
making it easier to complete tasks. This stone will make you more effective at work, while helping you
wind down at home.


Aquamarine is the ultimate crystal for unique, inventive Aquarius. This light teal stone increases
courage, pushing you to share your many innovative ideas with the world. Aquamarine quiets the mind
and will help you focus on the task at hand. This stone also enhances mental clarity and sharpens the
mind, making it easier for you to make last-minute decisions and solve unexpected problems.
Aquamarine will also increase your intuition and help you meditate.


For dreamy Pisces, rose quartz is the ideal stone. This translucent crystal comes in light shades of pink,
and it is one of the most compassionate stones that exist. Rose quartz will promote confidence and help
you connect with and appreciate your emotions. You’ll feel comforted and warm in the presence of this
stone, whose aura feels like a hug from the universe. Rose quartz also heals heartaches and revitalizes
relationships, restoring trust in humanity.

More on Crystal Healing

Like many other metaphysical and self-care rituals, crystal healing is an extremely personal process.
Work with the crystals you feel drawn to – you feel drawn to them for a reason! If you are just beginning
to work with crystals and are feeling overwhelmed by choices, this little guide is a great
place to start!

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