June 21, 2019

An Aphrodite Love Ritual.


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What does a moment of deep pleasure, passion, and romance invoke?

What feelings does this sensation invite? Where can you feel love in your body?

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty

Long ago, in ancient Greece, a long-haired, green-eyed goddess emerged from the sea and graced the shore of the island of Cyprus. She walked barefoot through the sand, delighting in the sensation of the fine grains between her toes. She smiled as the gentle breezes caressed her cheeks and she raised her face to receive the kiss of the sun.

Who was this rare beauty? Where did she come from? With one glance, the fishermen who pulled their nets onto the pebbled beach knew she was a goddess. Radiant in the sunlight, she appeared to be filled with gold. It was whispered among them that she had come from an exotic, faraway place, though others told the tale that she was conceived by the sky and the ocean and rose from the sea on a shell. They called her Aphrodite and worshiped her as the goddess of love and beauty.

Aphrodite delighted in her life among the mortals. She had come to teach them of the many pleasures of love, and she possessed a magical ability to inspire attractions and couplings among all living creatures.

In her presence, men and women saw each other in a new light, and even the birds flew off in pairs, chirping new songs. The women often returned with new life within their wombs, blessed by Aphrodite’s magic touch.

On the eve of the full moon, Aphrodite could often be found bathing in the sacred waters of Paphos where, according to stories, she was attended to by maidens she lovingly called her Graces. Their names were Flowering, Growth, Beauty, Joy, and Radiance, and they were surrounded by doves. Bathing in the moonlight renewed her spirit for the joyful work she had come to do.

At her sacred temple, beautiful young priestesses who had learned from Aphrodite that a man need never possess a woman, served beside the goddess. These priestesses had strong, independent, feminine spirits and each remained “virgin,” meaning, “one to herself,” respected by others and true to their own desires.

They delighted in sensual pleasures, and they knew that pure sexuality was an act of divine love that was to be held sacred.

~ Myth from the book, Moon Mother, Moon Daughter by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison

Lust Amongst the Lilies

Close your eyes and imagine yourself basking in the radiant sunlight, your body warm by her rays and in complete relaxation. Surrounding you are lilies and roses of all kinds—their aromas filling your senses and arousing your lust for deep passion.

You are safe here; surrounded by the forest and hugged by the running stream nearby. You stretch your naked body toward the moon above and lay amongst the soft earth below. There are candles dappled in the river rocks and moss draped like potpourri from the forest. The hum of bees and the songs of birds carry you into your senses, your dream state, where everything feels alive and possible.

You pull out your love oil that has been warming in the sun and begin to lather your precious skin with the tongue of bliss. Like silk to your palms you explore your precious body, as if you are meeting for the first time. Collarbones soften, your temples ease, and you make your way down, kissing each part of your being—alive again.

Like drops of honey, you taste the sweetness of life, this gift of your own doing. Love for the self, a ritual to remember and visualise when you need it the most.

In whatever form you are in on this day, I invite you to love yourself—all the parts of yourself. You are the beholder to a world of love within. How might you invoke that or invite that?

Filling your Love Basket

Yes, you are going on a love picnic whether with your lover or not! Begin by gathering your allies:

>> Your journal (for self-inquiry and your juicy fantasies)
>> Chocolate (a woman’s superfood)
>> The Aphrodite myth (to read aloud and invoke the goddess of love)
>> Your love oil (whether you have handmade this herbal blend or have a favourite, it’s a necessity!)
>> Candles (I recommend bringing along a few, as they invoke our inner flames)

I invite you to take yourself to the mountains, the sea, or even your favourite cozy nook, and fill yourself with this sensual ritual! Treat yourself to this love-filled basket and enjoy every minute of it.


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