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June 22, 2019

The Subtle Art of Surrender and Release

Go all in.
Surrender to self.
It will hurt, but let it bleed.
Let the pain and grief flow out of you.
Like a river meeting an ocean.
Do not force.
It will only create a dam.
And dams burst after awhile.
Rather, go lightly.
Be gentle with yourself.
You are meeting parts of yourself for the first time.
Be vulnerable.
Show your heart.
Listen with compassion to what your heart has to say.
Have the tough conversations with yourself.
This is where your power lies.
Let your heart be the powerhouse of your soul.
You will be grateful that you did.
This is where healing begins.
Acknowledgement of what your heart has been holding.
Embrace this moment, for this is your journey back to self.

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