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June 14, 2019

To the 25 Year Old Bully at Work Who Thinks God Hates Me Too, This One’s For You (A Poem)

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Your hands remind me of Hitlers’.
The way you parade around the office high-fiving your white, heterosexual friends.
As if saluting a bunch of Neo-Nazi 5th graders at a playground.

You walk with a strut around the office
as if goosestepping is a form of masculinity people actually find attractive.

Well I don’t.

You claim god is on your side.
Yet your fists are like anvils when you place them on my desk
as if you’re pressing down on my chest while you test the waters of this pansexual parasite.

Trying to scare me into a submissive river of righteousness.
Yet I will not sink into your murky, cowardly waters.
I will not baptize myself into your false beliefs.

You see, I can smell the white supremacy on your breath.
And your homophobic tongue lashes out so often,
I can taste the leftover bits of flesh from the backs of others you have beaten, in the air.
And when you walk into the room a haze of forgotten gays still lingers in the atmosphere.
But I will not fear you.

Nor will I swallow your shotgun barrel fingertips
every time you point them in the direction of my lips to hush me,
in hopes the back of my head flies off.

No! I will not back down.

I will stand up for every homosexual, bisexual, transsexual and lesbian soul you’ve ever trampled over. Stand up for those who you served guns for eyes
and bullet-like stares for the main course.
Stand up for the ones you treated like subservient humans.
You with the delusion of wanting to rid the world of our kind.

As if we were a “kind” the world needs rid of.

As if, because we love a different way then you do-
you can justify your cruelty with the loyalty you have for the cause.
A cause you actually believe in, just because someone else is different.

Tell me, does your god believe in your cause?
Does your god justify your acts as biblically humane?
Because the Bible says God created us all in his image.

And I’m imagining God is waving a pride flag right now!
Sporting all the colors of the very rainbows he created
And I believe he is looking down on you like you look down on us.
With the disgust you so rightly deserve.

Because I serve a God of color
I serve a God of differences.
I serve a God worthy of praise because he created us too in his image.

And if you believe
that image is a gay one,
then go ahead, hate on us all you like.
But my God is a happy God.
Happy with this pansexual man he created in his image.

And I am proud to say, I am his child.


To the 25 year old bully at work who thinks God hates me too.

Fuck you!

You and Hitler can enjoy the afterlife together.
High-fiving and saluting your death away.

But I, am going to be with God when I die.

In his rainbow sky forever…

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Read 2 comments and reply

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