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June 21, 2019

What each Day of the Week has to Teach Us.


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Monday’s energy is new beginnings.

Monday’s energy says, “Yes, you can do all of it. You can have it all. Just…maybe not all at once, sweetheart, okay?”

Whatever day this message crosses your path, it’s here to tell you it’s time to breathe deep and dive in. It’s time to find courage for the task at hand, acknowledging the lessons that are in front of you to learn. We are all in this adventure together, friend. Jump in. The water’s fine.

Monday knows all things are possible.

Many of us feel resistant to Monday’s wisdom. We dread Mondays. Let’s admit it: more than other days of the week, Monday has a bad reputation. But even this carries its own strong medicine. If you find yourself hating Mondays, ask, where is your life not in alignment with your goals and dreams?

And then ask, what is one small change I can make today?

When we say small, we do mean small. Monday is about possibility, but it is also about keeping it real. Monday’s no dreamer.

So ask yourself…where is the window of opportunity? It might be taking the more scenic route. It might be making space for five minutes of meditation at lunch. Maybe a walk past the flower stall and a moment just to breathe in the blossoms.

Whatever small joy appeals to you, you are being invited to make friends with Monday. To lower your resistance and get curious. To see your life as the clay you have to work with, and to roll up your sleeves.


Of all the days of the week, Tuesday is a day to get sh*t done and be righteous about it.

Tuesday is green light “go”—a firm handshake and the deal is done. No matter what day this message crosses your path, the energy of Tuesday firms up your resolve, points you at the goal, and says yes.

Tuesday thinks in straight lines and results, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We need that energy to make progress toward our goals, and Tuesday’s all about it.

Tuesday also works and maintains right relation. No shortcuts. No backroom dealings. Tuesday doesn’t want to have to come back and clean up your mess later, so do it right the first time. No shirking. No shrinking.

For some of us who prefer to dwell in vision and possibility, Tuesday feels…a little intense.

If you find yourself bristling at Tuesday’s message, take a deep breath and see if you can soften around your resistance. Ask yourself if there is one small step you can take to align with Tuesday’s forward-facing energy, even if you’re tired. Maybe you can make that phone call. Or cross one task off the list that’s been nagging at you for too long.

You know it will feel good afterward. Focus on that.

And go to the gym. Tuesday definitely thinks you should go to the gym.


Wednesday is all about expansion. A deep breath in. The view from here.

Wednesday is that moment when time stops and everything balances. You can see the forest and the trees.

Wednesday has its own magic going on. When you tap into Wednesday, flow is all around you. The memos write themselves. The reports print out without glitches. The ideas from earlier in the week suddenly connect and become part of a larger pattern of possibility.

Wednesday is a dreamweaver, something of a magician—but in the best sense where the magic is real.

Wednesday pays attention to the larger picture. No matter what day you read this, that is the energy to tap into today.

If you find yourself resisting Wednesday’s energy, it may be because you are in a place of disempowerment in some corner of your life. It may be that you don’t particularly like the bigger picture at the moment. Take a big breath in and look around. Where are you not owning your sh*t? Where are you putting it off on someone else? Where are your boundaries leaky?

Wednesday sees it, too.

Wednesday knows you are a work in progress, and that’s cool. Wednesday invites you to take a step into your power, to breathe a little freer, to become a little larger than you were.


Thursday picks up the pieces.

A few things have gotten dropped along the way. That’s alright. We’re only human around here. No need to cry about it. Just go get the mop, the dustpan, and a shoebox to collect the fragments.

Find what you need, and take care of it.

Thursday’s energy moves away from the major work and focuses on the stuff around the edges, all those pots simmering on the back burner. Give them each a stir, would you? Maybe taste and make sure the seasoning is right.

Thursday has excellent peripheral vision and watches for movement in the undergrowth.

Thursday’s energy can be difficult for people who are single-minded. Likewise, if you’ve stuffed any parts of yourself back in the backroom and nailed the door shut (and who among us hasn’t, at some point), Thursday will not be comfortable. Thursday wants the whole to be attended to.

Round out the picture.

And if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with that, ask why that might be. Are there parts, pieces, jobs you’re avoiding?

Thursday understands…and waits for you to catch up.


Friday welcomes you with dreams shining through prisms.

Friday hands you a tall glass of cool water and says, “Drink this and be refreshed.” Friday says, “You’re looking good, kid.”

Friday is a day for connecting, for appreciating. Friday is a day to order dessert and love every scrumptious bite.

Friday’s a universal favorite, but don’t be tricked. If we’re not careful, Friday has a bit of the lotus-eater about it. This is not a day for resting. Not at all.

Rather, Friday is all about dreaming new dreams, asking deeper questions, opening up to new options you never thought of before. Friday is about deep engagement with the process at a profound level. Friday is the deep dive.

Friday gives old Wednesday something to think about.

For some of us, that feels like breathing. For others, it can induce panic.

So, take it in small bits. Friday doesn’t ask for answers; Friday only insists that you ask the questions. And Friday knows this cute little place around the corner where the staff is friendly and the food is divine. Friday knows we all think better when we’ve eaten well.

Friday says there’s time for a long lunch. There’s much to discuss. Even if it is a discussion between yourself and the pages of your journal.

Especially then.


Saturday grabs the car keys and heads for fun.

No matter what day you read this, Saturday says, shift it up, break the routine, get out of your comfort zone, and do something.

Saturday’s always ready with a joke and a laugh. Saturday has a cooler permanently stocked. Saturday carries sunblock, insect repellent, extra socks, mittens, and batteries. Adventure awaits, and who knows what will be called for.

Saturday. Is. Ready.

If you’re reading this, Saturday asks, “Where is there opportunity to have a little fun? Do you even remember what fun feels like?” Saturday wants you to remember. Saturday says you deserve it.

Saturday is right.

For some of us, that’s hard to hear. We feel like we have to earn our vacation, prove we’re productive.

Saturday says, “Nah, you’re good, babe. You’ve done enough, just as you are. Let’s head out.”

For some of us, Saturday is the scariest of all.


Sunday puts its feet up.

Sunday curls up in the comfiest chair in the room.

Sunday knows it is time to seriously recharge the batteries, and, if you’re reading this, that is the message you should be hearing.

Whatever fills your well…do that. R-E-S-T. Remember, you’ll be more productive if you take a nap on a regular basis.

Sunday’s not casual about this idea. Sunday honors the need for rest as a chance to embrace our full and flawed humanity. We don’t have bodies—we are bodies. That’s a delicious truth we get to revel in on a Sunday. To nurture, nourish, and appreciate.

That’s right. Take time and feel some gratitude. You’ve had an incredible life and made it this far. That’s gold.

A lot of us resist Sunday’s energy and message. We’re so busy doing, and stopping all that activity makes us nervous. Of course it does.

Sunday tells us productivity is not the bottom line. We’ve been lied to and misled. There is a larger life out there. There are better values than efficiency and economy.

Sunday tells us we can dare that bigger picture…after a nap.


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