July 14, 2019

There is No such thing as Chasing Happiness—there is Only This. ~ Sophie Jaffe


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My happy place is with my loved ones eating a delicious meal anywhere in the world (pho is my favorite).

I’m happy because I decide to be—because I decide, no matter what, my happiness is the most important thing. It’s the most important choice.

We weren’t eating at a fancy restaurant, and we are sharing a car right now so some days are hectic. But…we have a beautiful roof over our heads.

We are present to one another. We are each other’s priorities. We play, laugh, and experience joy together.

We have tough moments—we cry, fight, and evolve together. We travel and get tired of one another.

The boys fight as siblings do, and we work through it to the best of our ability. Adi and I are deeply flawed yet always working to be better.


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I am constantly adjusting to find my happiness—adjusting by one percent each day. Shifting the workouts I do or the food I eat or the places I go or the people I surround myself with…shifting so that I can decide to be happy.

I chose and choose my family—to be a mom, to read bedtime stories, take baths with them, make art, music, explore the world, be bored with them, and experience challenges with them.

I chose and choose my marriage first.

I chose and choose radical transparency which allows me to be a better parent and show up in the world with no secrets or shame.


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I decide on being this person in this world until I decide it doesn’t serve me in this way, and then, I’ll evolve and change and detox from toxic relationships and do the work again to find my next level of joy.

Rinse and repeat.

That’s my happy place. This is where I’m happiest.


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