July 22, 2019

If you feel Broken, Read this and remind yourself to Rise Up.


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I want you to remind yourself that you will meet all kinds of people during your life, and not all of them will be good to you or a blessing for your inner well-being.

Some will come to test you, some to tease you, some to bully you.

Some will try to destroy your spirit.

Some people will come to support your growth and victories, and some will try to suck your life’s energy because they have none themselves.

Some will pretend to be your friends, and some will truly have your back and will risk everything for you.

I want you to remind yourself that all these people, “good” or “bad,” will give you experiences, will wake you up from illusions, will show you where you lack self-love. They will show you what is unhealed within your heart and mind and what your childhood traumas are.

In my last article, I spoke of being gaslighted for a good number of years by a man I thought was my soul mate. God knows how much I craved him and how much I prayed to be with him, and it never happened.

I experienced a great fall into the abyss because of this “failure” in love.

It took me many years of inner work to initiate myself and begin my rising up from the muddy dark of the underworld.

But I am rising up. I am touching and feeling my depths. Slowly, I am feeling alive again. And suddenly, I feel like a different person, a more balanced and integrated individual than before.

But I had to grieve first and bury my old self.

I am still grieving parts of my old self, but they are bound to fall away so my pure spirit can shine through without the weight of yesterday’s errors.

And so I want you to remind yourself that no matter how deep your fall, you will rise up again, like a motherf*cking, badass warrior who is able to accept all battles of life equally with reverence and honor, knowing that each battle will give you new wings to fly to a faraway horizon.

And I want you to remind yourself that you won’t be alone in your path. Never. You will experience this truth on your own.

He first fooled her.
He first abused her.

He first damaged her heart
and broke her mind into pieces
as if it was just a glass,
only to cause her
to pull herself back together,
into a new form.

A nameless,
beautiful hurricane,
a dark rainbow
kind of form.

All her pieces,
lost and found,
crawling from the sand and mud
of his dirty feet,
to find their way to her stormy center.

But then…

Oh, then, he caused
her rising up,
like a motherf*ckin’ badass,
warrior queen,
he will never see,
taste, or feel.

For she is dark,
a beautiful, untouchable illusion
that will visit him,
only from the other side of the veil,

when his mask of grandiosity
is off from his true face.

He will fail to recognize her.

For she rose
from the ashes of her old skeletons,
she rose from the underworld,
after she traveled through it,
like a black mermaid,
deeply rooted,
into unknown galaxies.

She rose like a tree,
under sun’s light,
having her center on the ground,
the Earth being her Mother.

She rose and licked her wounds
of yesterday
with the wisdom of today.

She rose like a soldier,
fighting her battles
one by one,
one day at a time,
conquering her demons,
those demons he played with,
in order to suck up her life’s energy
like a vampire.

But oh, she rose,
she rose like a dark knight,
making the night fall into her lap,

making the moon bow
to her feet,
transforming pain
into medicine.

She rose…
oh, and when she did,
he disappeared from her universe,

For he was too small for her new size.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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