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July 12, 2019

The Secret Key on How to Please a Man You Were Never Told – Do This 1 Thing and He is Yours

The Secret Key on How to Please a Man You Were Never Told….Do this ONE thing ladies and he will open his heart to you


As a Spiritual Counseling and Healing Minister (Mentor) one of the most common questions I receive from the Divine Feminine (women) is something along the lines of this~ ‘I Am so frustrated with my Divine Masculine (man) I cannot get him to open up to me, or to be with me, he ignores me and nothing I ever do seems to work….how can I please him? What can I do? I feel like I have tried everything to no avail. I Am at my wits end and sad, HELP!’.

Sound familiar ladies? Well there is a secret key, if you will, to pleasing a man so that he will open up his heart and soul to you that most Divine Feminine Goddesses (women) don’t know of, that my sharing with you will transform your relationships into REALationship, a real relationship, union, connection of the heart and soul with the man you love.

So, how do I know this secret you may enquire? This wisdom comes believe it or not from three sources~ the wisdom from the universe and personal experience.

1. The wisdom of the Universe that channels through me from Source energy.

2. My marriage and subsequent divorce~ experience in nearly 21 years with my former husband had me come to the deep realeyesation (seeing with real eyes) that this is the one thing I never did enough of that was one of the contributing factors to our marriage dissolving from the earthly perspective (soulfully, it was our soul agreement completed anyhow though).

3. Within raising my three boys, now grown men, in which I developed this secret key without even realeyesing I was doing such (I seemed to do such more with my children than I ever did with my former husband, and below I will explain why we as women seem to do such).

So, what is this secret key? One word. Perhaps simply said, yet may be is free from always being easy to be and do all the time.

*The Secret Key in One Word~ Appreciation

What does this word actually mean in practice? To a man, to be appreciated, honoured, loved, respected for who he is and what he gives to the world in whatever form that is from his earthly job to his spiritual life, and especially what he gives to you the Divine Feminine Goddess woman he loves is EVERYTHING to a man. I would invite you to go back and re~read the last sentence for emphasis so ladies you REALLY get this!

Why? Because of this one Universal principle~ Everything in the cosmos and in/on earth is Divine Feminine (woman) at the heart of it all. In other words to mean, everything first begins as Divine Feminine. When we are created in the womb, before the possibility of your gender being that of a man, you are first female. We all start out as feminine energy. And then from there, if the chromosomes are sorted properly you can be a man in the womb (and this is also based upon what we chose soulfully before coming here into this or any other incarnation of chosen gender). Within understanding this fully, then you will know what I Am about to share next.

Because everything is Divine Feminine then, our Divine Masculine men are hardwired to please the Divine Feminine. ALL that is Divine Feminine. For in being and doing so, they are then pleasing (or giving appreciation to) Source itself that created us. And all that is Divine Feminine includes you, the woman he loves. A man’s inspiration to do and be such comes from two resonances~

1. Source itself, within his innate inner calling to be and do what he has been hardwired for.

2. Through our appreciating him within which creates the magic that has him even further be and do number 1 (I will explain this below).

Sadly though, when we as Goddesses are free from coming from a vibration of appreciation this is what happens~ do you remember what I wrote above when I said what the most common question I receive from women is and also how me never being/doing this enough in my marriage was one of the reasons for its demise? Well, you guessed it then~ a man who is free from feeling appreciated, honour, revered, and respected for who he is and what he gives to the world and to you will respond exactly as I wrote above that women constantly say to me and also how my former husband was with me.

So, how do we appreciate the man we love properly then? Within a video I did on this very topic I give this example~ It is dinner time and you are in the kitchen cooking dinner. And you are busy with this and the rubbish bin is full yet you are most busy bustling about with the task at hand. Without saying a word, your beautiful Divine Masculine noticing the rubbish bin is full and that you are busy preparing dinner, simply quietly goes about taking the rubbish out. Now, usually one of two things occurs, either we as the Divine Feminine are free from paying attention to such at all or we may just say ‘thanks honey’ and leave it at that. Now I ask you~ do you really feel with that kind of a reception that he would be willing to do such again? Doubtful unless you have somehow ‘trained’ him into doing such through fear like a mum would and is that really him doing such from his heart or is it out of fear of reprisal from you? The latter and we as women all know this.

Thus, I Am going to invite you beautiful goddess into this wisdom of the secret key~ remember how above I said that to a man, to be appreciated, honoured, loved, respected for who they are and what they give to the world in whatever form that is from their earthly job to their spiritual life, and especially what they give to you the Divine Feminine Goddess woman he loves is EVERYTHING to a man? Now here is the other piece to this secret key~

When we properly appreciate a man in this way, it has him then feel the deep desire within him to do such things more and more to please us as he is hardwired to!

Within the rubbish bin example then, a more proper way to appreciate the Divine Masculine man you love could be something along the lines of this ‘Thank you honey for taking the rubbish out. I was so busy making dinner that I knew it needed it but was free from having any time for it and you out of the kindness of your heart and without me even having said anything, you noticed and did such, and that means so much to me, I really appreciate that you noticed such and thought of me in easing my life by doing such, thank you’ Now, can you see how a man receiving that would be feeling so loved and appreciated in being seen for his gift to you that he would be saying to himself ‘wow! I suppose I will have to do such things more often as she really sees me and appreciates me’ as apposed to just a ‘thanks honey’? The more specific the appreciation, the more he feels seen, loved for what he gives and that is what lights a man up and into his soul!

Now of course, this wisdom can apply to anybody in any situation as we are all of us being invited to be this in all areas of our lives, in all relationships and connections to transform them into REALationships (real relationships, ones from the heart centred connection of Love and all its attributes of loving kindness, compassion, and so on). Yet this is particularly true for the dynamic of our intimate romantic relationships with our Divine Masculine. This is why I prefer the vibrational frequency within the word appreciation rather than gratitude. For just as a house appreciates in value, whatever you appreciate then grows and grows in value and continues to appreciate or grow, thus subsequently comes more and more into your experience.

The rebuttal I often hear from women is this~ ‘But why do I always have to be the one to do such or do such first, why can’t he just do it on his own without me appreciating him all the time?’ My answer to this is two fold~

1. Do you remember what it is I shared above? At the heart and soul of it all, ALL is Divine Feminine. Thus, since you are the Divine Feminine Goddess you are, then it all begins, ends, and just IS you, is us! Divine Feminine. Therefore, it is us as women who set the vibrational frequency tone in the REALationship. It all starts with us! We are the North Star Compass for the man we love.

2. In time, he will simply do such of his own volition because it is what he is hardwired to be and do. It is simply that since our Divine Masculine were wee, most were taught to do things for us Divine Feminine Goddesses out of obligation and fear of reprisal rather than from the genuineness of his heart. It is therefore, free from being about ‘training’ a man into doing anything, rather it is about assisting him back into his true nature that was indoctrinated out of him. One of the most treasured gifts of Love that we can ever give to the man we love within giving his freedom back to him of who he is in his soul.

It is my promise to you that the more you appreciate the beautiful man you love, not just because you want him to do more for you, yet really from the heart and soul in genuinity, the more he will please you in doing more for you as he is hardwired to in honouring all that is Divine Feminine which includes you. Can you create the magic within your relationship beautiful goddess in appreciating the man you love now?

Lady Nenari is the Founder/Director of The DiamondLight Soul Centre and as a Complimentary Wholistic Therapist specialises in OneSoul REALationships Mentoring for individuals and couples, Meditational Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing Therapy, and Akashic Records Soul Mediumship Reading. To book in a one to one session with her or for the courses she teaches, visit her website

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