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July 9, 2019

The Thing About Abortion

The Thing About Abortion

The thing about abortion is that, it is not the woman’s body. There is another body growing inside of her, it is even half of the father’s body. It is a human fetus. In our present consensus it does not count for much. We don’t consider it as living being or an innocent life. Is there anything sacred or spiritual about it? The real question is What is a human fetus? What is a human being? Is there anything about a human being that exists beyond the body, like a Soul. Is there a God? I think everyone would agree that it is not right to take an innocent life. If the fetus is not an innocent life then what is it? I really want to know what people think it is, that they can stop its life. Please tell me!


People are entitled to their own beliefs. If you and I are seated down and discussing our beliefs in the living room or a coffee shop, we may disagree about weather there is a soul or not or if there is a God or not. We are exercising our rights to freedom of expression to freedom of religious belief, but when we take the step of stopping the life of a human fetus then we are denying the rights of another being. So then how can anyone say that the fetus is only alive when there is a heart beat and not before then. Life begins at conception. At the moment of conception something miraculous and mind-boggling happens that we human beings can not understand. When we stop the life of a human fetus, we are tampering with the laws of nature that we have no idea of the consequences. Sex has huge consequences. In the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court Justices got it wrong. They ruled that the human fetus is insignificant, a non-being, therefore it does not deserve to be protected. I believe that thinking this way hardens our hearts toward human life. It is a way of thinking that denies the sanctity of human life, and denies the idea that there is anything divine about a human being. If the fetus doesn’t have an eternal soul, how can I have one?


Abortion is wrong, it is not the right thing to do. If we find ourselves with an unwanted pregnancy, it is a bad thing, but it is not the end of the world. Can we find a better solution than abortion I don’t believe there should be any punishment? I don’t believe in prohibition. Prohibition of alcohol didn’t work, prohibition of drugs doesn’t work, prohibition of prostitution doesn’t work, prohibition of gambling doesn’t work. Prohibition of abortion will not work; people will just do it anyway.


Regarding cases of incest and rape, it is still taking an innocent life. The baby can be given up for adoption. There are probably many people out there who are children of incest and rape. This is a good time for them to share their voice. Isn’t it possible that they can still have a happy worthwhile life, and be grateful for this precious life that they have?


I just want to get my ideas out there. It is my prayer to persuade people not to do it because it is wrong, it is taking an innocent life. It is my prayer that these ideas will appeal to people’s conscience.


Even if we disagree on this controversial and important issue, can we still love one another, treat one another with kindness, dignity, and respect. Let us join our minds and hearts together to find a better way to live.

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