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August 18, 2019

10 Truths of Toxic People

  1. They will make you feel amazing one minute, and then take it all back the next.
  2. They know what buttons to push. How to get to you. They’ll go straight for the jugular.
  3. They can’t stand to see you happy. In fact, bringing up anything from your past to haunt you and make you (they hope) doubt that very happiness comes all too easily to them.
  4. They cannot accept blame.
  5. They’ll be “done with you” more than once. You’ll never know if it’s forever.
  6. They’re good at making you second guess your own actions. Wondering, is it possible what they’re saying about me is true? Am I a terrible human being?
  7. They want to isolate you. All inclusive statements such as saying they speak for everyone are an immediate, manipulative go to.
  8. They’ll turn the tables and say you’re the toxic one. The one who needs help.
  9. They’ll make you question your own accomplishments; strides you’ve made to be a better you.
  10. They expect you to come crawling back and continue the cycle of abuse. Don’t let them.
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