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August 24, 2019

A Timed Mine

A Timed Mine

I am a guided missile.

My target is human consciousness.

I have been launched to blow apart the current paradigm that locks our minds in confinement.

I am a timed mine, awaiting detonation.

A bomb that is ticking for the evolution of understanding.

I am the virus that will heal this nation from the plague of profitable devastation.

A vaccine that protects us from the disease called separation.

Biological warfare spreading unification.

I am a military tank on a mission to plow down prison walls and free armies of imprisoned potential from the court system’s stronghold – to provide redemption.

I am a grenade.

When my pin is pulled all violence will implode.

From my ashes peace will resurrect and wars will fall.

I am a brandished pistol.

In my chamber are bullets of love that will inflict wounds of happiness on heavy hearts.

I am a syringe dripping with the medicine of clarity that is the anti-drug.

An elixir that will kill the ego and wipe out the lust for riches.

I am a soldier in the infantry of awareness sent to save this civilization from arrogance.

I am an artillery firing munitions of smiling faces.

A nuclear weapon that will free us all from our cages.

I am a cannonball shooting to expel hatred.

Watch out world, my desire is contagious.

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