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August 15, 2019

Can she be?

Can she be sexual without being turned into an object?
Can she wear what she wants because she loves her body, without being told it’s “too suggestive”?
Can she not wear make up and still be professional without being told she looks tired?
Can she not shave her arm pits, legs, or vagina without being told it’s gross?
Can she embrace age without feeling like she has to chase her youth?
Can she be wild, loud and unapologetic without being judged?
Can she be driven and know what she wants without being questioned?
Can she say no without an explanation?
Can she say yes without feeling obligated?
Can she live in tune with her body and slow down when she needs to, without feeling bad about it?
Can she be accepted, glorified even, without something in return?
Can she just be?

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