August 29, 2019

How the New Moon in Virgo teaches us Sovereignty & a Mantra for each Sun Sign.

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The new/dark moon enters Virgo on August 30th as do the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

This intense relationship between moon, sun, and planets does not end there. Chiron, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are currently in Retrograde.

You may be feeling this energetically in your gut, or second chakra. Your gut is your other “third eye” or center for intuition.

Preceding this shift, and perhaps in alignment with the last of Leo’s fire, the Amazon began to burn. I know that for me personally it was a signal to not fall into drama, but to instead find tangible ways to be in the world…what could I do in practical terms to create positive actions while everything seemed to be falling apart?

In my disappointment with politics and the greed/power struggles that lie behind it, I tried to remember what I did have control over—my Self. Everything “out there” is a reflection of our inner world. In so many ways, we are burning too, with anger at feeling powerless in the face of world events, with frustration over relationships, or lack of abundance. All is not gloom and doom though, even if Virgo is a worrier by nature.

Virgo is also the sign that influences getting things done. Practical AF, under the Earth element, rooted, efficient, sensible, Virgo is truly what we need to tap into as we shift seasons and face those uneasy emotions about what is happening in the world and in your own personal galaxy.

Do you know that you are a universe unto yourself?

Although you may not have words for what you’re feeling under the new moon, you will have the instincts for it; this is definitely the time to listen to your inner guidance. Your vulnerability at this time is an actual asset when making decisions. The more you let yourself feel right now, the more you can transform what isn’t working anymore, and decide on what is supportive.

The reason we watch the planets, the moon, and the sun is because they are signals and activators of certain responses within us. Like brother or sister beings, they support us on our journey and express by their movements what our internal aspects are.

Relax, become flexible, open to flow. The more you resist, the more things become complicated and fearful. Lilith and Neptune in Pisces at this time allow for this flow I speak of. Balance will be key.

Virgo, the Virgin, also teaches something essential about sovereignty.

In this season of new moon in Virgo, we can examine what it means to be whole, to be free, and to be self-divine.

Self-divinity is recognizing that we are completely untethered to the ideas of others, to the boxes society or individuals put upon us, to be sacred and sovereign in our sexuality, to be balanced in our masculine/feminine, to honor what is true to us.

A sovereign being trusts their wisdom. She consults with her own Self for critical self-awareness and grounding as a human being. The Virgin teaches autonomy in relationships. A sovereign being takes joy in her physical aspect as well as her spiritual essence. She sees the world with the perspective of unity; borderless and healthy.

This week, as the new moon in Virgo waxes with new energy, support yourself with vibrant food, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol (too much fire for the liver—think less anger, more flow), find a movement practice that will support your body as it transitions toward autumn, meditate on what is good and worthy of your thoughts, meet with like-minded people whose focus is progress as opposed to judgement, and speak kind words.

Mantras for the sun signs in relation to Virgo:

Aries: I surrender impulsive thoughts and actions and embrace careful introspection.

Taurus: I embrace my sexuality and learn new ways of expressing it wildly.

Gemini: I see others with love and compassion. I am another you and you are another me.

Virgo: I allow my emotions to surface and love all aspects of myself.

Libra: I am able to make good decisions and am grateful for my intellect, while letting myself feel with my heart.

Scorpio: I allow myself to express what I hold in the shadows. I am safe to do so.

Sagittarius: I embrace what is true for me, and allow others to find their own truth.

Capricorn: I embrace chaos as my teacher and allow myself to think outside the box.

Aquarius: I value my sexuality as sacred and my emotions as valid.

Pisces: I release drama and see the world as a safe and beautiful place.

Cancer: I accept my emotions and my authenticity. It is safe for me to be me.

Leo: I am safe in the world, and connect with my breath to find my grounded center.

To support your second (sacral) chakra during this new moon, wear moonstone, carnelian, or tourmaline. This center for sexuality, emotions, creativity, intuition, and reproduction connects you with what you “know.”

It rejuvenates and stimulates desire. It is also associated with the moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury, which are all in Virgo right now!

Meditate on being kind, open, heart-centered, connected to your feelings and Self.

New Moon Blessings!


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