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August 15, 2019

I see God..

I see God when I hear the sounds of children laughing and playing

I see God in the rooted trees, standing tall- and in the smell of flowers and fresh cut grass

I see God in the brush strokes of a painted canvas and the images of our time

I see God in the hands of carpenters and the roofs over our heads

I see God in the sounds of singing voices, pianos and the beats of drums

I see God in the tiny ants that make their way into my kitchen, searching for food – and in the loving comfort of my cat purring on my chest when she knows I am hurting

I see God in the passions of sex and the fires of love and desire


I see God in the powerful waves of the ocean as my body floats freely

I see God on the tops of mountains as my voice travels and I look down on creation

I see God in large open spaces full of people breathing and moving together as


I see God in you

And you

And you

I see God when I look in the mirror – because he is in me… …too…

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