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August 23, 2019

Sharing a Photo about the Burning Amazon is a good start. Here’s how to actually help.

Watch my video, if so inspired:

Elect a jerk you get a messed up country. See: Brazil, USA.

“I used to be called Captain Chainsaw. Now I am Nero, setting the Amazon aflame.” ~ Bolsonaro

Over the last two days, hundreds of friends on Instagram have been sharing posts and photos (some years old) of what’s happening now to the lungs of the world, our beautiful Amazon. Problem is, some of those good folks are alleging something along these lines: Media doesn’t care! Share this! Media is ignoring this! 

That pisses me off. You get your news from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube? Don’t be surprised when you don’t know what’s up until it goes viral—if it does—on social media.

People care. Journalism cares.

Folks are sharing it like crazy. It’s on the front page of every journalism paper and news. If you just found out, consider subscribing to and reading journalism.

Don’t get your news from Instagram. That’s like getting your food from Marshall’s.

How to actually help beyond just posting about it:

“the number one cause of deforestation is animal agriculture. They are burning it to make way for cattle ranching and crops used as food for animals. Don’t pray for the Amazon. Go vegan.” Well, yes—and stop voting for nationalist hateful dictators…bc folks don’t read journalism they read fake news on social media.

If we’re posting about the Amazon, good—that means we care. But if that’s all we’re doing we’re just value-signaling.

  • Try vegan.
  • Offset your flights.
  • Drive less—walk, busy, carpool, bike more.
  • Turn off electricity vampires.
  • Use less heating and AC.
  • Skip the plastic coffee togo cup that looks like paper but ain’t recyclable or compostable–ever.
  • And, yeah: read journalism—fake news is the only way hateful wannabe dictators like Bolsonaro or Trump can get elected. Stop getting all yer news from Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and Youtube. Subscribe to stuff! Good stuff.

You are good. Be yourself. Be good. Now do good and create more good.

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