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August 28, 2019

The last new moon in August will bring a lucky star in your love life

Looking to manifest a love relationship? You are in luck as the last new moon on the 30th of August 2019 will bring you courage and sexuality energy and if you are currently in a love relationship, this new moon will help you to reenergize it.

The last August new moon will be one degree of Mars that brings an abundance of energy and initiative which can be very powerful if used in the safe and best way. Virgo is inconjunct with Mars and will add affection and tenderness to the raw and primal sex drive of Mars. This strong combination of love, sex and energy will increase your manifesting power when it comes to attracting your soul mate. Mercury is also close to the new moon which helps you to understand and share your most passionate feelings and desires.

Here are the rituals that can help you to make the most of this energy:

  1. Set your intention clearly and boldly to the Universe

Every journey needs a destination and likewise, with every manifesting, you need to start with an intention. In writing an intention, most people fail to include enough clarity, specification, and alignment to what they truly desire. This will cause a delay or blockage to your manifesting process. Think about the last time you ordered a pair of shoes from an online store. You didn’t just send an email to get them sending you a pair of shoes. Instead, you spent time to browse, picked your size, color, material, etc. You may even take the time to read some reviews to make sure that you make the right choice. In the same token, when you set your intention, you will need to be very specific on what you desire and want to receive into your life. Take the time to meditate before setting the intention, this will allow a void of a moment from thoughts, emotions, and fears which in turn revealing your deepest desire.

And most importantly, set your intention from a place of self-love rather than fears. Write your intention with an attitude that you can have everything you want in life. Be in the place of deserving and knowing that you have the right to have everything you want in life. One of the most important points when it comes to setting intentions for manifesting your soul mate is to list the non-negotiable qualities from your future partner. For example, loving, caring, passionate, etc. You may also want to include what you want to experience from your future relationship, i.e. being supported, nurtured and more.

  1. Raise your vibration through self-love and self-care

My favorite saying is that you cannot pour out of an empty cup, meaning that you cannot give out what you don’t have, or you cannot love others unless you love yourself first. When you feel a lack of love, you will become needy of love and you will end up in a love relationship that puts you in a giving mode to overcompensate the neediness of love energy. As your thought, action, and feeling are driven by the need to be loved, accepted and validated. And as a result, you lose yourself in the process as you are constantly trying to meet others’ expectations.

Self-love is about choosing yourself first and putting your own needs before others with a condition not at the expense of others. This stance contrasts with what is commonly believed that self-love and self-care are a selfish act. Keep in mind that your vibration is like a magnetic wave that will attract life experience in the same level of vibration. So, when you want to attract love into your life, you will need to become the source of love that radiates strongly outwards to others. This energy will naturally draw more love into your life.

  1. Let go your past and forgive yourself and others

Mindfulness practice and keeping focus to live and being in the present is the only way you can find inner peace and happiness. Holding onto your past or emotional attachment to your past will put yourself in unnecessary emotional burden. Imagine, you are taking the poison and hoping that the other person will die. Further, when you forgive and let go of your past, you create a space in your life for a new person and you are ready to write a new chapter in as you close off that chapter in your life.

Manifesting is a natural creation process that will work naturally to everyone consciously or not. As a creator of your own reality, your thoughts, feelings, and emotional vibrational will create a life experience accordingly. So, when you put energy and focus to dwell in your past, you will indirectly recreate this past life experience all over again. A good example of this is demonstrated by a shocking number of lottery winners that ended up in bankruptcy. CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) released the study that shows lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy within 3 – 5 years. Unless those lottery winners expand their mindset from poverty (past) into wealth (present), they will recreate their poverty life experience.

  1. Raise awareness of your fears, negative thoughts and emotions

Awareness is a key to life mastery and creating the life experience as you desire. As mentioned earlier that your thoughts, feelings and emotional vibration will manifest intentionally or not. If you want to create the life experience that is in alignment with your heart is yearning for then you need to raise the level of self-awareness.

Be your own detective and be mindful of self-judgment as this offers an opportunity for improvement. For example, if you catch yourself criticizing your body image, acknowledge that you are in the moment of insecurity and needing some love then take the time to just be with yourself and do something that will help you to feel in love vibration.

New moon energy is a powerful energy of creation that will amplify your investment of time and attention. You will achieve a greater result from your manifesting process as a result. However, I would like to emphasize that manifesting is a natural force and part of your soul power. Having a daily practice of meditation, journal, and visualization of your intention abreast of being fearless in the pursuit of your desire can be as powerful. And always remember that life mastery is a lifetime journey. The only way you’re going to perfect the manifesting skill is by consistently practicing it.

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