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August 23, 2019

Your Horoscope Might Actually Be Helpful. Here’s How.

While you might have your doubts about the credibility of horoscopes, but they’re beloved by many. Have you ever found yourself reading along with one an article that focuses on your zodiac sign and how your horoscope is going to affect you, nodding your head along as some of the tidbits are too true? Lots of other people do, too. Sometimes, a horoscope reading or zodiac trait is too relatable to be a mere coincidence. 

Life is messy. Wouldn’t you like some kind of direction when the skies are a little cloudy but you’re used to looking up to find your way? If only there was a way to help you set an intention and find your direction. Besides the influx of articles, based on your zodiac sign, horoscopes can lend you a hand in your day to day life and do just that. 

Your horoscope can set you up for success. It can also tell you just how many bridesmaids you should have, based on your sign. Alternatively, you might find out what career is right for you, based on your zodiac. You might even learn the relationship preferences of a possible significant other, based on their sign.

The options are as endless as the color spectrum, though it’s worthwhile to offer a reminder that while the options are endless, this is not to say every horoscope trait is spot on (looking at you, Leos). Cancer may be the most common zodiac sign in the US, but not every American is caring and nurturing. We’re not suggesting this is an exact science – even if it is fun and relatable. 

At the end of the day, horoscopes are a fun way to relate to one another or find guidance in our day to day lives. Astrologers don’t promise to be completely accurate. Their predictions are more like guidelines, anyway. By checking out what might be in store for you during the day, you can set an intention for success. Say your horoscope says to prepare for a letdown – maybe you’ll be ready to react gracefully instead of reactively. 

If we’re all connected, somehow, to the universe – then doesn’t it make sense that the movement of planets might affect our daily lives? And if it doesn’t make sense, then it’s a nice thought to have that there’s something we can turn to for daily guidance. Reading your horoscope daily or even every so often is a fun way to add intention to your routine. 

Whether you’re reading your horoscope for fun or because you’re interested in knowing what’s in store for you, there is wisdom to be learned from the practice. That much is for sure. But if you take away nothing else from your horoscope reading practice but the amusement of seeing what Cosmo has predicted is in store for you, then so be it. At least you started your day with a laugh. In a world that is chaotic and messy, your horoscope can help your world make a little more sense.


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