September 26, 2019

“I am a Survivor of Sexual Abuse & I’m a Man.”


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There is an unhealthy stigma surrounding male sexual offense victims.

The number of men who have been abused is considered to be grossly underreported, and the idea that they can only play the role of the offender is, sadly, the prevailing one.

This week, Zack Ruth shares his story with us to shatter that very perception. He is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and is ready to heal.

Watch his video now to learn more about all that he’s battled, and how he manages to win what has become an everyday fight. If you are someone who has been sexually abused, know that you are not alone; Zack assures us all of this.

“When Zack came to me with his story, it wasn’t for the purpose of coming on the show. He came to me as a friend. While he opened up to me about his past that he’s been holding onto for the [last] 20 years now, I couldn’t help but think how proud I was of him that he finally chose to take control. It is never too late to come forward about being sexually abused; there isn’t a timeline set in stone.

Only you can dictate what you need, and when you need it. Zack chose this time to begin his healing process, stating that while his abuser took so much from him, he was not prepared to let him take his life, too. I love Zack with all of my heart, and I can’t express how truly proud of him I am for sharing his story. This is a step within his process, and helping others know that there is help for you, too, is just a part of it. Read today’s blog to learn more about the many facets of sexual abuse discussed in this week’s episode.” ~ Becky Hayter 

According to a breakdown published by the FBI in 2012, there had been over 67,000 reported cases of female sexual offense victims.

In the same year, there were only 12,000 reported male sexual offense victims. The same report broke down the number of sexual offenders. In their findings, the FBI reported slightly over 4,000 female sexual offenders, and an astounding 70,000+ male predators. So it’s no wonder why the stigma that only women can be harmed—and only men can do the harming—is the existing perception.

Zack bravely shatters that perception. This is the story of a survivor.


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