September 6, 2019

Reclaiming your Roots: a Female Embodiment Experience.

Have you ever seen those perky, ultra-green heads of lettuce in the grocery store?

They sit, all erect and rich with turgor, proud to be awaiting their chance to nourish those who consume them. Next to the other lettuce heads and the rather wilted selection of greens, it’s wildly obvious something is different about these spirited heads. In fact, it appears as if they might still be planted in the richest of soils.

Upon closer inspection, you may find a small sticker on the lettuce’s packaging, which reads, “my roots keep me fresher.” With further investigation, you’ll find that these heads of lettuce do, in fact, still have their roots. Yes, they have their literal roots. The same roots that sprouted from the seed they were born from. The same roots that kept them alive while they lived out in the garden. The same roots they used to pull nourishment from the soul. The same roots that sipped up the waters that fell from the sky and siphoned hydration into the cells of the plant. They still have their roots: the foundation of their existence.

No, I’m not going to whip out my dietitian pants or play food police and tell you this is the only lettuce you should consume. However, I am suggesting we learn a grand lesson from the stay-true-to-your-roots strategy that these lettuce companies have employed to deliver you the freshest produce.

What do I mean? As humans, our roots, the basis of our survival and the catalyst to our thriving require us to be attentive and connected to our physical body and the physical space we take up here, on Earth. Living in modern society presents a plethora of survival advantages; however, it also brings with it the norm of separating from the experience of our bodies.

When we separate from our bodies, we cut off our roots. When we cut off from our roots, we live in a state of dissociation. We stop receiving information from our body’s sensations and often attempt to modify our natural feedback mechanisms.

In a state of disconnect from our roots, we are more likely to attempt to hyper-control natural impulses such as appetite, sexuality, boundaries, and connection. Without the resilience of our roots, we cannot thrive creatively, sit in our power, have empathy for others, communicate our truth, experience the significance of our personal being, and the connection to all of creation. The health of the root(s), dictates the health of the entire energetic system.

This is why reclaiming our roots is nothing short of a revolution, and it starts with us. Our roots, Muladhara, are our foundation and include (but are not limited to): our right to be and to have, our food nourishment, our sexuality and reproduction, our health, how we trust, our family and home, and setting and respecting appropriate boundaries.

When we stay true to understanding, healing, and reclaiming our roots, we have a strong foundation, and are therefore able to infuse energy up through the rest of our system. When we reclaim our roots, we banish the modern-day traumas and deficiencies that keep so many of us detached from our physical bodies, fearing our finances, terrified of change, retracting trust, and stuck with malnourishment (food and beyond) as our norm.

The vitality and resilience of our roots extends through our entire being. And, truly, the best news about this is that the simplest place to start is by reconnecting to your physical body and its every plea for you to have a relationship with it.

Yes, you can reclaim your roots. Yes, you are the revolution.


We invite you to be the revolution, with us. Join us for the Female Embodiment Experience: Root Reclamation, to catalyze the process of your personal root reclamation. 


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