September 8, 2019

The Full Moon in Pisces brings us Home to our Heart & Soul. {September 14, 2019}


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Life is a journey that can help us when we choose to align our hearts with our actions, speak kind words, and deal with our own inner security and conflict, and make the necessary transformations within rather than projecting problems onto people or acting out our pain.

The Pisces full moon on September 14, 2019 is illuminating where we need to purge our inner demons and create more peace.

We live with codependent habits, and we act out in insecure ways when we try to control our reality and other people. Our own wounds create projections until we deal with pain from our past and overcome karmic burdens and behaviors. When we get in touch with our inner conflicts, we can learn to live life in more peaceful and sustainable ways.

Pisces teaches us emotional depth and helps us forge congruence within our mind and body by tapping into our sensitivity and needs. The way to heal is always to feel, to allow emotions to come up, and to be willing to mindfully process them.

To tap into the heart, we must learn to tame the mind, evolve beyond our limited perspective of reality, and confront our subconscious behaviors and internal triggers that cause us to think, act, and behave.

Pisces can grant us intuition and empathy—once we balance our mental and emotional energies to be able to live in real, harmonious ways. 

This cycle that began two weeks ago with the new moon is making a fresh start—it’s helping us reclaim our power by living in radically new ways, with permission to be emotionally embodied and fully expressed. Developing emotional intelligence—while forgiving whatever the past taught us—is the challenge.

We all can evaluate where we fall out of balance and ignore the deep calling of our heart. Suppressing emotions only keeps us from evolving into a more peaceful, non-reactionary state. Deep issues around the home, relationships, and belonging have surfaced, and many probably feel some kind of urge to reconnect with family and look at where our heart has fallen out of love because we’ve become too stuck in our heads.

Pisces is one of the more sensitive signs because it forces us to tap into our feminine side and develop emotional maturity. Out of balance, the sign of Pisces can be too psychically sensitive, reactive, and strongly forceful in denying their issues, thinking themselves a victim. Of course masculine energy can keep us attached to how we think life and others should be, and form stubborn perceptions with an inability to let go, apologize, or soften into a place of real love.

The full moon is forcing us to come home—to ourselves, and to our own hearts and inner calling, to unify differences, heal, and grow. It is in learning how to be unattached, letting go of our internal perceptions, and adopting an open mind and compassionate heart where we can evolve into a more mature and loving state.

We can shift out of the patriarchal culture of ego mindset and stubborn male dominance, and create a shift where people can express themselves and tap into the softer, caring, more gentle feminine ways. Through Pisces, we balance the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves and learn to develop more emotionally balance and feminine virtues.

Pisces teaches us all how to develop compassion and soften into a more heartfelt state. Every person who enters our life helps us mature, psychologically develop, and move beyond the fears and pains that trigger us. Even though it’s scary to speak our truth, integrate our emotions, and communicate feelings, it’s necessary if we want to live fully embodied.

While denial, playing the victim, and thinking we have no problem, and that the other person is the issue is always the easier route, humans can’t stay stuck in that state if they want real freedom, love, happiness, and positive relationships. When we react, point fingers, blame, and deny our emotions and issues, we often act out and let our emotions sabotage ourselves and others. 

This moon is helping us develop a positive relationship within ourselves and with others. Maturing psychologically, outgrowing fears and insecurities, and taming family wounds and dysfunctions are how we develop more empathy and sincerely make peace in our heart so we can love people as they are, rather than how we think they need to be.

This year, 2019, we all feel a deeper need to come home, to be surrounded by family, and to create that if it’s missing in our lives.

With that, we’re also dealing with tough challenges around home life, what love really is, and how to create a happy life, with and without a happy home.

Family issues are being brought to the surface during this cycle, and everyone must look at their lifestyle and choices and whether they are actually creating the kind of long-term lifestyle they desire and deserve.

We all have a choice to unify our differences, create peaceful relationships, truly love and accept each other, and no longer act out in wounded and stubborn ways.

Pisces is the dreamer and is attached to love and romanticism. The archetype helps awaken us out of the fantasy in our mind, by merging with the depth of our soul and heart. The challenge is to develop our sensitivities that tune us into a richer state of love at our core.

We all are being called to rise beyond victim-hood, beyond thinking that someone else will save us. We must realize that fairy tale stories of happily ever after can’t exist until we create healthy, happy, and balanced lives individually—and this is what helps us move beyond codependency. Anyone thinking a person, marriage, or child, will help them create happiness and fulfillment is still living in a fantasy and has not evolved beyond the Piscean dream.

The deeper we can live in an embodied way—in tune with our bodies, stable in ourselves, secure in who we are, and independent—the better our chances of developing a real loving relationship.

Compassion is needed on this full moon, as we all are shedding heavy emotions, releasing old family drama, and needing to create more inner security. We all need to ask ourselves where we have forgotten about our heart, acted out of desire, and allowed our own inner control mechanisms to defend and deny our own growth.

Love—it’s a personal journey and no one can do it for you or create it. Love is easy when it’s authentic, and it shows up in mysterious ways with people. Through pains of love, heartache, and breakups we learn the deepest love of all and how to cultivate it in a healthy and positive manner. Otherwise, love is an illusion that fills our loneliness, sex drive, and desires.

It is a choice whether we can ground down into ourselves, develop our authenticity, and meet our shadow and insecurity. Karma has a fated way of showing us ugly aspects of ourselves through people. When we are unwilling to acknowledge our own darkness, we fall, fail to evolve, and often miss the journey of what could have taken us to a real happily-ever-after.

It’s time to get out of the past, learn from it, heal, and become better, caring people. The transformation begins with our own ability to love ourselves, choose ourselves, and become so complete that no Prince Charming needs to save us.

Through the last sign of the zodiac, we all learn that time has an effect on our life, and with patience, perseverance, and some self-awareness, we can put a death to the old, and allow every new beginning to be some other beginning’s end. 

This moon is asking us to clean the slate, make different choices, and start a new cycle with strength in our heart, clarity in our mind, and peace in our soul, if we have done the work to perfect our mental and emotional imbalances.

Love comes by letting go, putting an end to the conditioning we’ve been taught, rising above old family patterns, and adopting new mindsets so we can live with a more open heart. We can all dare to dream, dare to imagine, and become the artist of our lives by authentically tapping into our own heartfelt state. 

Quit searching and seeking, and allow yourself to find all the riches inside and learn your lessons through love and relationships. Let your own spirit help guide you to a deeper meaningful and fulfilling life of love.

You matter. Get into that emotional depth. Begin to bring more magic to your heart and create a life you don’t need to escape from. Be mindful of the reality you’re choosing and creating.

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