October 31, 2019

A Party Girl’s Guide to Quitting Drinking.

The best way for a party girl to quit drinking is to have fun doing it.

Trust me when I say I am #sobernotboring.

I have traveled to Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Marco Island, Treasure Island, Riviera Maya, and Africa. All completely sober. I had the time of my life.

I have been to countless sporting events, music concerts, and parties, all while choosing to be alcohol-free.

Since I ditched the drink, I have been able to dance freely, laugh wholeheartedly, and learn how to take pleasure in myself and my surroundings. These were skills I had to learn after I got rid of alcohol.

You can too.

The first step to remaining a party girl, while quitting drinking, is to define what is fun for you.

If you are like me, fun is defined as being surrounded by fun, funny people who like to laugh and have a good time. This usually includes good food, good music, dancing, and drinks.

Finding fun, funny people while alcohol-free is a bit of a challenge, but it’s not impossible.

When you were drinking, you thought drinking was fun and people who were drinking with you were also fun. In fact, you thought drinking actually made you a fun, funny person to be around.

To start living a party girl’s alcohol-free life, you have to reconsider your thoughts on this. Did anyone have to take care of you when you were drunk? That was not fun for them or you. Have you taken care of a drunk friend? Do you like to party with toddlers? I ask because you were probably dealing with similar issues when helping your friend get to the potty. It’s not fun.

Fun, funny people are confident and free from insecurities. They are engaged in conversation. They have clever, witty comebacks that make you laugh.

People who have had too much to drink are dangerous and unpredictable. They are often anxious and insecure. They often end the night in tears, vomit, or arguments.

Is this your idea of fun? Probably not.

Define fun and then go find the friends, or strangers about to become friends, who fit what you are looking for.

Once you have a few fun people, it’s time to find fun things to do.

Before you quit drinking, drinking was the thing to do.

You will have to get more creative now that you are alcohol-free.

If you like music, you can find live music in your area.

You may be telling me now that you went to concerts when you were drinking, too.

I bet you did, but I assure you, if you were drinking, drinking was the main activity, and the music was secondary.

Don’t believe me? Think back to your last concert when you were drinking. I bet you spent a lot of time in line to get drinks and go to the bathroom. Maybe you got lost on your way back to your seat. Maybe you lost your phone or your credit card or your car. Maybe you spent a lot of time figuring out a safe way home or worried about how much money you spent. Maybe you spent a lot of the show being mad at your spouse, or the people in front of you.

You get what I am saying, right? Drinking was the main activity, and a concert that you paid for just happened to be going on in the background.

Going alcohol-free, and getting your party on, means determining what is really fun for you.

You might find out big venues with large crowds actually make you nervous, and that is not fun for you.

Your definition of fun might change. As a free-spirited party girl, however, you can try lots of things until you find the activities you enjoy.

Trust me when I say, you are not alone, you just need to find the like-minded party people near you.

If you are a party girl wanting to quit drinking, you are in luck.

All you need to do is find fun people to hang out with. If your only people are people with alcohol issues, its time to meet some new people. You will also become a great inspiration for your circle.

Find what you like to do. Find the activities that feed your soul and make you happy.  You can admit that drinking left you feeling worse—and that is not fun.

Find fun and creative ways to keep drinking tasty beverages, sans alcohol.

You are sure to be the life of the party!

If you find that’s not your goal anymore, there’s always the safety of your own bed, your dog, and Netflix to go home to—and that’s okay, too.

Even party girls need to recharge.

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