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October 31, 2019

An Energetic Approach to Understanding and Healing Anxiety

If you’re tired of anxiety running, (and ruining), your life and your interested in creating personal wellness, you’re in the right place. Because today I’m talking about some of the common misconceptions about anxiety and my unique and successful healing perspective on the topic.

I have continually used an energetic approach to overcome not only anxiety, but every other ailment I’ve had, (including fibromyalgia and daily chronic pain), so I’m speaking from a place of experience and understanding.

Anxiety Is Not Difficult to Heal​​​​​​​​​​​

The Truth is, anxiety is not difficult to heal once you get to the root cause of it.  Clusters of other symptoms manifest in the body because 75%-90% of preventable illnesses are caused by anxiety and the stress response provoked by it.

It’s a slow, annoying, yet not immediate, life-threatening process. Over time, anxiety acts as a toxin, seeping into many areas of your body. And while it doesn’t seem that it will end your life, the truth is, the side effects of anxiety, when not addressed, will certainly shorten it.

Approaching the cause and cure for your anxiety requires a bit more than Xanax, which will only mask the symptoms without addressing the cause.  Why accept that when there is a solution for permanent relief?  A solution that doesn’t numb your mind, body, and spirit.

The Ayurveda Perspective on Anxiety

Ayurveda is the oldest system of healing and medicine in the world, uncovered in India thousands of years ago. It approaches the body from the perspective of 6 life forces, one of which is called Vata. People who have a body-mind energy that is dominated by Vata are prone to imbalances that involve the central nervous system.

Those who have a primary Vata body-mind type are prone to anxiety, insomnia, and adrenal fatigue when they go out of balance.

When the air element and energy becomes excessive within our bodies, it becomes quite distressing. Rather than living in a balance, one’s mind will continually run, they will overthink, worry, and stress out about every worry that their brain can conjure.  The excess energy in the mind steals the supply from the rest of the body and anxiety begins to take hold.

Now the body is set to up for even greater imbalance and begins to exhibit and take on other aspects of anxiety and physical discomfort. Jittery feelings, digestive disorders, butterflies in the stomach, tightness in the throat, tension in the neck and shoulders, heaviness in the chest and heart center, and chronic fatigue are all things that we experienced as a result of anxiety.

Understanding the core cause of our anxiety from an energetic perspective, opens a door to provide relief and healing.

Your Personal Jumpstart for Healing Anxiety

Once you know the core cause of your anxiety you can choose from the numerous tools that Ayurveda and Energy Medicine provide to permanently rebalance yourself.

Most of my clients find great relief when they uncover the core cause of their anxiety in a 60-minute “Unpack It” intuitive session.

Just getting answers and knowing the cause provides so much relief and hope.  During those sessions we uncover the causes of imbalance in your body. And you discover the energetic approach to address them, ultimately giving you solutions to your ailments that take into consideration your unique body, mind, and energy.

If you’re ready to un-kink your body, mind, and spirit from the grip of anxiety, it’s time to learn the five-step methodology that I have implemented with hundreds of clients over the last two decades.

You don’t have to live with anxiety and the overwhelming mental, emotional, and physical symptoms that it brings, but you do have to take the first steps to be empowered to true healing.


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