October 28, 2019

I’m Done with this Type of Men.

These are purging times.

These are dark times, when we dive deeply into our hearts and minds and spill out the old as if it was poison for our system.

Astrologically, these times are powerful.

It’s about new decisions and choices, to release the old realities and create new ones by creating a new you inside of yourself before the outer reality shifts.

I have been feeling lots of anger and rage regarding my past romantic relationships, and I have allowed anger to be my messenger and tell me its stories. And it has.

This below is a bold, honest poem. As all my writings are.

I don’t want to hold back. I want to use this poem as a deep releasing point to not look back into my past and the old me and the old relationships with men. I want to tell my story, the scream of my heart: “I am done with all of you.” I really am. Because I found my way home to myself and I’m transforming every day.

Because I decided to love who I am and whom I’m becoming, there is no place in myself any longer for men who don’t see me, feel me, and feel grateful to have my presence in their lives. I am done with men who don’t add value, inspiration, or nourish me in small or big ways.

Those days and times are over. Because I burned the old me. I consciously decided to do so. So I burned all those old relationships with her.

This writing can be applied to all genders; it’s not a writing against men.

The men I used to love taught me what kind of men I did not want in my life any longer.

This period is a period of purging our inner beings from the old, outdated beliefs and old pain or experiences that were toxic or harmful to our inner well-being. It’s a time for creating new realities, experiences, and relationships that are deeply satisfying and nourishing emotionally, sensually, and sexually.

We are done with the old. We are done with our old traumas that attracted dysfunctional and one-sided relationships in our lives.

I’m Done with this Type of Men

If a man is unable to penetrate my mind,

before he enters my body,

he will fail to get me.

And I’m done with men

who don’t get me.

I am done with men

who are not able to see me.

I am done with men

who don’t appreciate

my presence in their lives.

I am done with men

who feel threatened

by my strengths

or honest vulnerability.

I am done with those men

who are unable or choose to not be honest with themselves, me, or anyone else.

I am done with men

or should I say boys

who are attracted only to my pussy

in order to distract themselves

from their inner emptiness,

their bullsh*t or failures.

I am done with men

who treat me or other women

as rehabilitation centers,

because they are unable or choose not to hold themselves accountable

for their actions, words, and behaviors.

I am done with men

who are emotionally unavailable

and don’t give affection, love, and proper nourishment to those who love them.

I am done with manipulators,



“enlightened” but gaslighters,

men without integrity,

men without balls

to face their reality

and accept their mistakes.

I am done with men

who never apologize.

I am done with those men,

who don’t respect and love themselves internally

but show off as “legends.”

I am done with those men

who don’t dare to cry

and feel their hearts

into love.

I am done with all of you.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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