October 12, 2019

I’m No Longer Available for what doesn’t Serve Me.


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Repeat after me: I am no longer available for sh*t that does not serve me.

Because my time, my energy, and my mental health are valuable—and I am worth the time it takes to build the habits, confidence, and courage I require to protect my power.

Learning how to set boundaries, create new habits, and honor ourselves in the midst of life is a huge learning lesson. And it starts with recognizing that you are powerful. What you bring to the world is valuable, and it’s worth protecting.

From a young age, we are told that “no” is bad. We’re taught to obey and comply, regardless of how we feel. Often I think that translates into adulthood. We say yes because we “should.” We show up because we fear what others might think if we don’t. We listen because “that’s what friends do.” We stay in jobs and relationships because we fear failure. And it’s draining us, every step of the way.

But there is a different way available to us. One where we are wise with the application of our resources—where we honor ourselves in the process, where we say no because it protects our energy, and creates space for our yes.

Boundaries are where it all begins—and they’re powerful. They aren’t meant to hurt people; you are allowed to choose you. And you should. So you can show up for this world in your fullness.

One of the best ways to get yourself in your own flow is to figure out what you’re not available for and replace it with what you are.

I am no longer available for things that sap my energy and do not give back. But, I am available for boundaries therein.

I am not available for harsh judgements, condemnation, or shame. But I am here for growth.

I am not available for destructive rants, micromanaging, and lectures. But I am available to learn.

It’s your time to shine. What are you saying no to this October? But, more importantly, what are you saying yes to?


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