October 9, 2019

My Skin is a Badge of Honor.


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How many times a day do you compare yourself to others on Instagram or other social media?

I know I do it—how can I not? We live in a world where perfection is obtainable for a certain price. We live in a world full of filters and photoshop too, it’s almost impossible to not fall into the “compare and despair” rabbit hole. We’re human and it happens. What’s important is that we be made aware that not everything is what it seems. You’re seeing people at their absolute best and you’re usually seeing their successes and not their failures.

Now, my loose skin is no failure! I earned every bit of this skin.

Do I wish I had a tight, toned body with no wiggly, jiggly goodness on it, uhhh yea! I’m freaking human. Of course that’s what I wish I had, but it’s not my reality and to get that I’d have to put myself through a tough surgery, and right now I don’t feel that to be necessary to go through because my skin doesn’t bother me that much.

This doesn’t mean I’m not completely in love with my body because I am—skin and all. I personally think my skin is a badge of honor and this girl has no problem rocking it.

I have days where I want it gone but then I remember “Becca, stop chasing perfection and be happy in the now with the beautiful, healthy body you now have.” Sure, my reality isn’t as beautiful as some other people’s, but it sure does tell one hell of a beautiful story about a girl who fought and overcame something she thought was impossible.

So, today I won’t compare my flaws to someone else’s “success reel.” I will embrace every inch of myself with a freaking smile from ear to ear because I’m a badass woman who earned every inch of her reality.


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