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October 15, 2019

Nomadic Nerves

For if you fall down

Like a shooting star

I will not be there to make a wish upon you

My back will be turned

While I walk away

I always walk away

They call it strength

They call it courage

Independence, freedom

We call it Nomadic Nerves

For it is only us that it serves

The running, the breaking

The crying, the lying

To ourselves, and to you

The excuses fabricated


The bridges burned

While we dance on the ashes

All because for that chaos

We yearn

We cry, but we don’t see your tears

We run, sometimes for years

We hide, we seek

Our own secrets we keep

Down, far below

With nowhere to go

Lessons learned, but most often not

Our boots covered in dust

Our hearts filled with rust

Is this Heaven

Or is this Hell

I can never tell


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