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October 30, 2019

The Truth About Women and Aging

Much admiration for the women who are truly and honestly okay with aging.
Grey hair, wrinkles, loose skin, menopause, glasses, arthritis, added weight, health issues and becoming a grandparent. we get older, we find ourselves free of many of the obligations we had when our kids were young.
Some women embrace their new found freedom.
Others miss the past..the home, meals, family time and chaos.
Being able to embrace this new time, may be hard for some and easier for others.
It is nice to have grown kids, but the life you had with your kids is missed.
Grandkids are awesome,
But, with grandkids, we grow older.
When our children grow older, we grow older.
It is nice to not have a period..and for some, I’m sure they don’t miss the cramps, backache or headaches..I never had any of those.
Menopause..some women get the whole deal; hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain.
Some women have no symptoms at all, like me.
No more worries or concerns about getting pregnant.
Not being able to get pregnant again.
I’m actually looking forward to getting white hair..then I won’t have to go ‘naturally blonde’ every few months ?
When we are young, we never think about getting old.
Why would we?
My father used to tell me that what I did when I was young, will affect me when I get older.
My father used to also say, that you need to have more going for you than just your looks, because your looks will fade.
Sure dad, sure, I’d say..he was right.
I miss the young me.
I miss never worrying about death and dying..mortality..
No one likes to think about death, but the older we get, the more people we know pass away.
Family, friends, loved ones and classmates pass.
High school reunions get smaller and smaller.
Your high school class is joined by one or two others, to make them seem bigger.
I miss how happy, full of wonder and carefree I was.
I miss my younger body and skin.
I am comfortable with myself.
I am not a fan of aging..not going to lie.
But, the alternative sucks.
To all the other women struggling with getting older..I hear you.
I hear your fear.
I hear your struggles.
I hear your worries.
I hear your sadness.
I hear your tears.
I also hear your excitement.
I hear your pride.
I do truly admire the women who are aging and loving this next phase..I’m trying..

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