November 3, 2019

A Morning Prayer for those who Long for Healing.

I wish…

I wish mornings would feel like

a kiss from seraphs in heaven,

when the cloudless blue sky would embrace my

skin in affection.

When the birds would sing and rejoice for

the beginning of endless opportunities.

When the tress would dance in harmony

as my madness comes and goes.


I wish…

I wish mornings would feel like a home

rather than a house.

When people laze and bask in the glorious kiss

of golden rays from the sun.

When breads and coffee would triumph over

golden-plated buns.

When the scent of coffee prevails over the

stench of a blazing blouse.


I wish…

I wish mornings would be for gratitude,

passion, and smiles.

When people would be in jolly exuberance, rather than

digging for faults and lies.

When people would jump and sing

and hop.

When they would leave all my flaws alone;

please spare my bubbles, unpopped.


I wish…

I wish mornings would be for safe spaces

and censure-free.

When my soul could fly and glide,

and my heart could be guilt-free.

When my lips could genuinely smile from ear-to-ear;

when my heart could flutter its wings, gracefully and unstirred.


I wish…

Oh lord, I wish that my mornings would be a blessing.

That my eyes would wake blissful,

kissing new beginnings.

That my body could resuscitate from yesterday’s

curse and bat.

That my soul could finally be stitched

and mended from people’s wrath.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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