November 7, 2019

How to be Happy Right Here, Right Now.


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In a world where stress levels are through the roof, swiping is available at any moment, and drops of dopamine can be hit at any time you go check your Instagram likes, how can you take a step back and simply be happy as you are?

What would your life be like if you could simply step back and be fully present with what is happening within and around you, without preference as to what you wish it was like, or used to be like?

It may be uncomfortable at first, but as you embrace the discomfort, you’re creating space for the happiness you are looking for.

Hint: the happiness isn’t coming from your Instagram likes; it is coming from within.

What if I told you the way you do one thing is the way you do everything? Like the way you enter a challenging yoga pose is the same way you show up to face a daunting group task at work. Are you entering the challenging yoga pose with force, anger, and fierce conviction that it has to be done a certain way or else you’ll never be enlightened? If a coworker wants to handle a group task one way, and you disagree, are you willing to compromise and see their side of it to get the task done?

What if you were to enter the challenging yoga pose with a deep breath, grace, and control? What if when the daunting work task confronted you, you did the same thing, took a deep breath, and entered the situation with grace and control?

I am fairly confident you would have some drastically different outcomes between the scenarios. Cultivating a sense of grace and control would really allow you to be open to experiencing situations with a new mindset, ultimately freeing yourself from the ego that says it has to be done this one way.

This is becoming aware. This is being present. This is happiness. This is being. This is yoga.

The more you get in touch with yourself, the more you can be fully present. Each and every step along the path with this mindset is a constant reminder to love fully, to show up fully, and to be happy as you are.

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything, my friends.

Let this be the invitation to love fully and be present today. Give yourself permission to live your life today like you have never lived it before, happy and fully present with what is—right here and right now.


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