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November 26, 2019

You Can’t Write It Better Than Living It Out Yourself

Rated PG: You Can’t Write It Better Than Living It Out Yourself

Ok, the script in my head goes something like this… can create as much drama in your life as you want…..Are we actors in life, playing the part of ourselves or the perception of what we want others to see? The leading roll takes courage to be raw, to be real, to be kind, to be humble, to be vulnerable, to be believable.

Unless you prefer to be an extra in your own life series.

Look, it’s an old time movie projector. It’s bigger than me and we are all bigger than the big screen. The movie of LIFE is the one that counts and we don’t have to know all our lines. There is no Actors Guild Award, Academy Award or Getting all glamorous for the Oscars at the end of our story. So, when the day comes and if you could rewind the film and playback your life, would it be the best movie you ever watched?? What I do know, I’m a big movie watcher, with incredible respect for many actors on the big screen giving us a piece of adventure, drama, romance, comedy or whatever to pull on our heart strings, make us laugh, cry, scream or stir up emotions that have been dormant for awhile.

Acting roles help us to memorize our lines, help us get into feeling the part we are playing so we can find our way into the roles that no longer need the mind to remember. The leading role comes is when you toss the script to step into your intuition.

Intuition is not about foretelling the future or going Back To The Future. One of my favorite movies of all time is Defending Your Life with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep, a romance comedy about the after life. Can you imagine eating all you want, anything you want, anytime you want. We have direct access to this intuition stuff like a big plate of never ending pasta. Don’t worry about judging yourself, open the window, the seat of the soul to your intuition and allow the information to come in. Intuition is simply about being in the matrix of the moment with a fine tooth awareness that can serve you in a beautiful way. Intuition: A knowing or instinctive knowledge or belief obtained by neither reason nor perception, a hunch, feeling.

Intuition is right below the surface of the conscious mind leading the life of a supporting actor until you step up and let your intuition lead you in the best role of your life. When your ready to take the part of your intuition, trust it, speak it, you won’t need to act anymore. It will flow, feel natural and remember, it’s a terrible thing to waste. What does it feels like? It touches your heart and taps you on the head. It is a wake up call to the greatest gift to your awakening. What is this awakening? It’s the most inventive part of your soul that is always creating ways for you to find your way home. Home is where the heart is, the space within yourself that gives standing ovations. It’s the greatest love story ever told. It will put every thriller, drama, comedy, romance, documentary of your life into perspective. In the end, it’s to have loved yourself and others regardless of the roles we play. Intuition will be like the camera zooming in on your life to show you the way.

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. Every role has lead you to this role, right now. Trust your hunches before they become punches. We can experience a hunch through our physical body in the most harmonious ways or even horrific ways. The body begins to digest, receive, channel information that can translate to an awareness. A closer look at what may be an intuitive inkling for your next step. A step in the direction to expand you, protect you, and love you into this magical movie matrix that you are living in within the moment. Your mind and body is like a movie playing out thoughts, images, feelings or all of the above in the minds eye. Lights, camera, action, take the stage for the most unique story ever told. Your Life.

The End

Love & Light,
Alice Sevivas

Alice in wOmDerland

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