December 13, 2019

10 Gems & Crystals to bring our New Year’s Intentions to Fruition.

Make sure your gems and crystals come from responsible sources, or the vibes will be evil: Use code Elephant20 for 20% off gems and crystals at shamansisters.com for gifts for self or other.

Waylon Lewis sat down with the founder of Shaman Sisters, Rebecca Keating, and learned how we can use eco and labor-responsibly sourced gems and crystals to set intentions for the New Year.

“Manifesting is all about aligning your personal energy and frequency with what you desire.

Like attracts like. Which is why it is crucial to clear your chakras and aura of dirty energy, and keep your vibration high. You can do this with the help of crystals because their healing works on an energetic level. When you use crystals to stay balanced you become a conduit for positive high frequency energy to flow easily into your life.

Sometimes we have emotions or behaviours that we can’t seem to understand. We know that certain situations are bad for us but we don’t know how to change for the better. Often times this is due to past energy blockages that are not yet healed. When we bring crystals into our lives and actively work with them, they can help us release these old energy blockages, and align us with the energies we are truly desiring in our life, such as wealth, health, and joy.”  ~ Rebecca Keating, Shaman Sisters

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