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December 9, 2019

Remember who you are……

I stand with my feet planted on the earth, close my eyes, and breathe deeply.

From the depths of my heart I hear the earth whisper to me:

Do you hear the roaring sound of the ocean? You have that same power within you.

Do you see the mist carried far on the wind? Your magic travels the same way and reaches much farther than you know.

Do you hear the birds singing their beautiful song? Your heart sings those same songs of joy.

Do you see those big, heavy rocks? You have that same strength, steadiness, and resiliency.

Do you see the spider’s intricate web? You too are woven into the web of life and are eternally supported.

Do you see the butterfly dancing on the wind? Your soul dances with that same lightness.

With another breath she whispered: May you always remember your true nature little one: powerful, magical, joyful, strong, resilient, connected, supported, playful, expansive.

The same is true for you my friend, may this piece be a loving reminder of that.

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