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January 25, 2020

Practicing Peace in Times of Turmoil

When a Mother is unable to stay calm in scary or adverse situations or amidst conflict, her children will absorb and/or sense this inner turmoil and react -sometimes quite dramatically- to her reactions, and the situation will only escalate. Us mothers know this all too well.

Or when a baby or child cries or tantrums and a Mother is unable to find her peace and calm, the situation only intensifies and becomes more stressful for all involved.

In the same regard, while our Earth Mother (or 3D dimensional reality home) is currently going through so many transitions and shifts, we must stay grounded, trusting, calm, in faith and at peace to the best of our ability so that we may not add to the stress of the planet and make things more intense for ourselves and all others. This serves our own well-being and the well-being of all others.

There is much fear and uncertainty right now due to seemingly endless unpredictable and even devastating events happening in our world from natural disasters like wildfires, volcanoes and earthquakes, to increasing worrisome illnesses and disease & rising political conflict worldwide. This type of external environment can often make us feel unsafe, fearful and stressed. Often, when we feel this way, it can be contagious and we may unintentionally add fuel to the fire.

The solution is that we must find something to keep us anchored, to help us feel safe and secure in our bodies, something we do or create for ourselves that cultivates and sustains an inner peace and strength despite external turmoil.

We can create a consistent peaceful practice that we can use on any day at any time that brings us back to a state of equilibrium, balance & clarity so that we may offer this grace and homeostasis to our collective experience.

We are being called to find ways to keep our cool and engage in “practicing peace” consistently. This will help us to let go of fear, soothe our anxiety and help us stay grounded in our daily lives and not get too wrapped up or involved in the drama, which only makes things worse.

If we create a safe- space within ourselves that is strong, calm and steady; and if all billions of us found this state of internal integrity, I don’t think we would be seeing the crises we are seeing today in the external world.

Grounding practices to remain calm  and anchored throughout times of great stress or intensity vary based on who you are and what brings you peace of mind and being. Everyone is different and requires different things.

Inspirations are as follows:

1. Pranayama or Breathwork – this involves learning to become aware of your breath, following breath through inhale and exhale. This takes focus off external world and into internal world for a re-set.

2. Similarly, even closing the eyes and going inward for a moment or two to minimize sensory overload is helpful. To just be still and relaxed for a few moments to collect yourself can be an anchoring practice.

3. Repeating a mantra or affirmation that inspires well- being or trust. You can make up your own, “I am at peace, heathy & happy”, etc. Or finding a traditional mantra used by the ancients, repeating “Om”, the universal mantra for peace and contentment or “Ra Ma Da Sa” for love and healing. There are many versions out there to choose from.

4. Engaging in a mindful movement practice like yoga, tai chi, Qi gong, etc, which cultivate focus and presence. These practices take us out of our minds and into the present experience of our bodies helping ease worry, fear and the endless thought- stream.

5. Using some form of artistic expression, like drawing, painting, singing, dancing, painting, writing etc. Any creative outlet or expression helps to cultivate mindfulness, contentment and reduce stress.

6. Hit the gym or take a walk; physical activities detox the mind (help to eliminate negative thoughts) and rid the body/mind/spirit of excess energy or tension.

7. GO OUTSIDE. This is the most underrated practice. Nature inspires us and connects us with the truth of who we are (Nature). Being outdoors reminds us of our origins and our most natural state of peacefulness no matter what is happening around us. The trees, mountains, rivers and oceans, all invite us to live like them, in a state of grace.

7. BIG ONE! STOP engaging in negative or triggering news and social media. Sometimes its not about adding but taking away!

There are so many ways to break free from the drama.

If we practiced peace consistently, within ourselves and our lives, and collectively, we would shift our inner harmonious experience – despite external indications of otherwise – from inside of us to outside of us. We would eventually experience this peaceful state of being externally in our world. We would become what we are; Stability, Equanimity, Freedom (from volatility).

We need to hold space for our Earth Mother to heal/process and move through challenging times with ease. And then we will be rewarded with her grace.

Someone once told me this is akin to being a flight attendant. Even if the plane is going down, she (is to) stay calm and keep everyone else calm. She must find her strength and stability in a dangerous situation, even despite that, and must consciously respond with grace. She holds space for all others (and situations) no matter what.

That is the grace of God.

We become this grace of God through practicing peace within our own bodies and within our own lives.

This is the key to finding peace externally, through cultivating it internally.



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