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January 6, 2020

How to donate securely to reputable sources who need help in Australia.

War vs. Peace, Action on Climate Change vs. Fake News, Greed vs. Healthy Economy…it’s all connected.

It is always old cowards who beat their chests as they order poor young heroes to war, death, evil-doing and suffering.⁠


We have the money for war.⁠

So Peace means we can invest in healthcare, in infrastructure, in fighting climate change before it costs us 1,000x, as we’re seeing in Australia. We can change the course of our future. But we must change our daily habits, and our vote. ⁠

Australia burning isn’t “news.” “News” implies “new,” as in, this just started. It didn’t. The public has known about the conditions, causes, and results since the 1980s. Those of us bemoaning Australia–good–finally–but we must change our habits, and our vote (sorry Murdoch), or we’re just herd-following and virtue-signaling while continuing to fly without offsetting, drive our SUV to go hike, eating poisoned food from 1,500 miles away, burning gas in our kitchens and heating our homes with the very stuff that’s killing all those koalas and kangaroos.⁠

And if we don’t vote for those who support fast Climate Action now, rather than the opposite—we are nailing the coffin in our next generation, while burning and flooding this one, while pretending to care.⁠

The alternative to giving up is empathy, action and joy—we can live as heroes, but only together, and only if we bring our actions in line with reality. All of us, starting with you and me.⁠

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King ⁠

“Hello, Aussie here.

Lots of places you can donate and even $10 helps a lot. Please share the links around, too.

Americans etc can donate with PayPal here, reputable sources:

  1. GERF


Selecting either ‘NSW bushfire’ or ‘drought relief’ is really helpful at the moment, as the droughts have been a huge reason we’ve had such bastard fires.

Local, and maybe the best options if your card works here:

3. CFA

The CFA, (Country Fire Authority) where donations go to training, supplies, lunches, trucks, hoses and gear etc. the CFA is mostly VOLUNTEER based fire fighting, which is absolutely insane. Based in Victoria

4. RFS

Like the CFA there is also the RFS which is the same thing but for the state of New South Wales.

5. CFS

CFS for South Australia, who are also suffering from absolutely devastating fires.



Links to donate are just a search away, but please add reputable non-profits in comments. Use Ecosia, not Google. Google, Facebook, Amazon…are part of the problem. Without journalism, without mom n’pop shops, we can’t come together around truth, in community.⁠

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May there be peace on earth!


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Read 6 comments and reply

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