January 3, 2020

A Badass Manifesto for all the Women over 40.

If you ever want to know the truth about something
just ask a woman over 40

When a woman turns 40
her very last f*ck
flies right out the window

She is born into herself
risen from the tide
shaken from the shackles

She stops collecting your compliments
like coins in a wish jar
and realizes that whatever she was saving them for
was a lie
and that the only truths are
protecting the innocent
helping the needy
loving the lonely

If you do not also believe in these things
a woman over 40
depending on what season of the month she is in
will rip you to shreds
grieve your ignorance with tears

She might even smile
and offer you something sweet
before getting up from the table

When a woman turns 40
she is stronger than she has ever been
Her body has been ravaged
Her heart has been used

And if she is one of the ones who has won
dropped her weapons
and walked away
battle scarred and endlessly in love with herself
you better watch out

Have you ever heard the jungle waking up?


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Read 43 comments and reply

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