January 15, 2020

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Die. {Poem}

Are you here for real, undying love?

Or are you visiting this earth to taste momentary sweetness?

Do your prayers come from sincerity, plunge the depths, and break shallow promises?

Or are you settled in believing that there is no such thing as the miraculous?

And do you go on like that, day-to-day, comfortable in the dull and pale, rigid in the uncurious air?

When people meet you, do they tremble at the thought of embodied freedom? When they are threatened by the sight of you being unapologetically authentic, do you shrink and apologize for being who you are? Or have the courage to plant your roots deeper into soil and continue to grow?

If you have been hurt by someone, have you thanked them for breaking your heart open, so that it may soar into the unimaginable? Or are you still protecting yourself from a life that was made to break?

When you walk, do you look at the world around you and offer a smile to sweet thoughts that are divinely orchestrated? Or are you viewing the world through a lens that was taught to you by people who are suffering themselves?

If you are scared, have you considered jumping into bliss? Or does the thought of a new life frighten you?

Are you patient or present? Settled or daring?

Does the light come off your tongue when you talk, because you have bathed in gorgeous silence? Or are you are covering the silence with interpretations and answers?

And lastly, if I offered you some roses, would you accept them as a gift from God to God? Or do you prefer the illusory comfort of separateness in God’s dream?

I’m curious if you would smell the roses once I offered them.

I’m curious, would you kiss me in the night and dance with me in the day of our last appearance on Earth before heaven takes us captive for good?


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