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January 3, 2020

What does it mean to be ‘feminine’ in 2020?

When you think of ‘feminine’, you might automatically think of a soft, gentle woman, wanting nothing more than to mother you, sacrificing herself for the benefit of others with no reward for herself.

This is the image of the feminine we have grown up with, ingrained into our psyche as a mirror of the patriarchal society we are now morphing out of.

As we move into the energy of 2020 and beyond, a lot will change. The precursor for this change has been the rise of the Divine Feminine.

Now, when we talk about ‘feminine’, we are talking about the feminine energy swirling around us as it rises from the very core of the Earth, the womb if you like, emanating from the deepest depths of the Planet into our atmosphere and beyond, into the universe.

When we talk about the ‘feminine’, we mean the feminine energy in each and everyone of us, whether you are male or female.

And of course, we’re talking about those of us who have taken the female form on this planet at this time.

During a recent channeling on this subject, I was shown as an example, the New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

She is known AS the Prime Minister of New Zealand, yes! But she is known FOR her compassion, her strength and courage when her people and country needed her most. For her love, generosity, and connection to her community. For her ability to respond, and most of all for her leadership.

This is the epitome of the feminine energy, of feminine leadership.

As the world up levels its frequency to that of the feminine energy, much will change, in and around us.

The most exciting thing about this new age of the Divine Feminine is that she brings with her the Divine Masculine.

I, for one am very excited to live in a world with equality, equity, courage, compassion and love. And so, I do my part to contribute. I meet myself. I allow the old to drop away, no matter how painful or difficult it may be and open myself to the new energy as a willing participant.

In so doing, I hope to pass on this frequency to others. I hope to pass on this frequency to you as you read this article. I hope in some way, you will be inspired, uplifted and filled with the joy of knowing that the world can be exactly as we want it to be, if we are willing to do the work on ourselves and most importantly, if we are willing to work together.

Here’s to 2020 and beyond!







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