January 17, 2020

Yoga has been Zuckerberg’d.

A note from Yoga: the ancient wisdom of Californians:

In just 10 years…who will present yoga in depth? And who will learn it?

Not the legions of new yoga teachers that pass through the doors of Corepower and Yogaworks, each month (again, god bless ’em—larger, more accessible studios are creating genuine, peaceful armies of good people in this crazy world).

So: will you or your favorite local yoga teacher accept this important challenge and responsibility—and study, practice and teach yoga’s roots?

So: if your yoga teacher spends more times on their playlist than:

    1. Alignment,
    2. Reminders about breath, and
    3. Intention (to be of benefit)…

You may be doing a vaguely dressed-up aerobics. And that is okay—really. But it may not be watering the roots of yoga, and it may not be safe for your body long-term, or transformative for our health and relationship with our habitual patterns.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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