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February 17, 2020

Instead of Considering the Red or Blue Pill? Just Say No to Drugs

Many of us remember the movie, “The Matrix” when Morpheus offered a pill to Neo. The choice: Live under illusion or see the real world as it really is.

Since then, this scene in the movie has become a cultural phenomenon as if there were such a pill. There’s not, and honestly, we shouldn’t want to take either and here’s why.

Life is an illusion. Reality is an illusion because it is based solely on our perception and our experiences. We choose our reality and for someone to offer us a pill, we are falling victim into another’s illusion of reality. How do we know while under the influence of another’s drug, what we are seeing is reality or just another illusion? I know, mind blown, huh.

Instead of taking a pill, why not become at peace with the reality we perceive?

This doesn’t mean we give up fighting injustice or stop trying to make our reality a better place to live. It simply means we are going to view reality from our own perspective and not be summoned by the propaganda of the suppliers of pills – red or blue.

This idea of choosing a pill has been rewritten in many memes in order for us to question our lives, not necessarily change our lives, but imagine our lives if we could live it differently…yes, more illusion.

Most recently I saw a meme which read:

Red Pill to go back to age six to relive our life

Blue Pill to receive a million dollars.

I have seen similar memes and responded based on my current life status at the time. However, on this particular occasion, my response was to pass on both pills. I don’t support the pharmaceutical companies pushing any pills on me. Seriously, we are a culture who has become too drug dependent that we need to consider a pill to perceive illusion versus reality, or relive our lives versus fantasy money.

As for imaging ourselves to go back in time to change our lives, or receive some monetary value, let’s take time to consider.

Regardless of our past (good or bad), our life path shaped us for who we are today – in all our beautiful messiness and in all our successes and failures. This is who we are, who we have become and who we are meant to be. The decisions we made in our lives were based on the best knowledge we had at the time. There is no need to have any regret, or wish for a pill to change the past.

Our society is bent on success, a success it can quantify. If we made different life choices, we would have been more successful, wealthier and have better relationships. Could have been? Would have been? Questions from those who have yet to learn to appreciate life’s journey.

Does this even matter when the choices we made were not based on a success? Let’s consider our soul’s mission. Perhaps there is greater wisdom at stake that has more value than success.

Our successful existence isn’t to become rich and famous, but to learn to heal and to love. Perhaps we are already wildly successful based on the infinite wisdom of our soul, but we’re still trapped in the mundane mindset of society – in order to be of value, we must have money.

And as for a million dollars…money, sure. There is nothing wrong with money or wanting it, but we can ask ourselves this question, do we really want it, or is it something society tells us we want it. Have we been brainwashed into believing money will make us happier and more valued? What is our true real value?

This is our lives, and a pill is not the answer. Every day we make choices – some are conscious and some are unconscious. Some decisions are based on illusion and on our reality. To take any pills, is to deny this beautiful journey we are on and what we are meant to experience and perceive, which may be completely different from the person standing next to you.


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