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February 13, 2020

Shamanic practices in the world of money from Shakuntali Siberia

Shakuntali Siberia Enlightened woman, reincarnation of the Ukok princess, Northern Altai shaman priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instant opening of predestination and healing abilities. Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud” 

Mirror reflection

Do you know what money and the power of its impact on us could be compared with? With a mirror!

The mirror reflects who we are. For example, if your hair’s a little messy in the morning, you have got bags under your eyes, and you approach the mirror in this way, then it will reflect this state. And if you did exercises, washed, combed your hair, then the mirror will reflect you as a well-groomed, beautiful, smiling, harmonious person.

The strength of the spirit of money is such that it reflects us. For example, if you need money to destroy, then it will destroy your life.

I ask a person: “Why do you need a lot of money? Why do you need these millions? ” And he replies: “To prove to neighbors, parents, friends, teachers that I am the best!”

If your goal is to humiliate others, then money will destroy you – there will always be someone who is richer and more successful than you.

This is the first answer of spirits – think about why you really need money!

How we kill money

I will give an example from my life. Once my student Natalie and I were walking, and she invited me to visit her son. And so, I was sitting in the kitchen, drinking delicious tea, and like any woman I was looking at what I was surrounded by. I saw large fruit baskets in the corner, and I realized that the family could not eat so many fruits. At least it could cause an allergic reaction. Then I saw a lot of rotten fruits in the bin.

I asked: “Dear Natalie! Is your son all right with money? I have a feeling that the spirit of money regularly destroys him. ”

Natalie replied: “You know, Shakuntali Siberia, that is right. Since the age of 18, my son has been living an independent life. He brilliantly catches a business idea, quickly realizes it, and receives the maximum income. He invites a friend to become a partner for business development. And then the same scenario turns on – already 5 times in the last 7 years! The money is rolling in. Clubs, alcohol, women. Then the companion somehow deceives him, and my son loses his business. I don’t understand how he constantly finds such friends! ”

But I saw that the guy’s problem was not in friends, but in the fact that he did not know how to value his money. Yes, he is a genius, he can earn as much as he wants, but he kills money. After all, what is the use in drinking expensive alcohol with friends, carrying them to bowling? Friends are with him while he spends money like water. There is no money – and friends are lost.

Discarded fruits, overflowing refrigerators – these are indicators! The desire to buy too much is killing money! When we spend money on something that does not bring us joy, benefit, health, we kill money! Money reflects our attitude to life.

Let’s think about what we spend the most money on

First, housing. We dream to build a house, always in an elite area. It is desirable that everything is modern, expensive. We put a lot of money into it. My European students say that they pay loans for 40 years. And then what?

And then, let’s say, Samantha comes to my consultation and says: “I don’t even live in this house! These are dead walls. We run away from this house to work, to the Internet, to the phone. We built ourselves a cage. For many years my husband and I created it by throwing money away. And we didn’t think what we had such a house for! We thought that it would be better for children, but they don’t even want to live in the same country with us! ”

What else do we spend money on? We go to the store and take out bags full of food! It seems to us that we need to diversify our nutrition. But in fact, we eat a large number of preservatives, food coloring, all kinds of fillers, which our body does not digest. We bought advertising, wasted money and that same food kills us. The body needs healthy, simple food to avoid spending money on medicines.

We also spend money on entertainment, but how? We need to go to a club, to a prestigious resort. We do not walk. We do not see the real sun, the beach, do not enjoy the silence. And we spend a lot of money on this kind of vacation, but it does not bring us any benefit. Why are we going there? Because it is fashionable. We kill money for food, for leisure, for entertainment, and then this money kills us.

What the advertisement will not tell about

Advertising will not tell you that you can relax in a nearby forest. If you go to the forest, you won’t know what to do there! After all, there is no a direct guide – look here, do that! They don’t sell popcorn there. And people say that it’s boring in the forest! They will be on the Internet in the forest.

It got to the point that a person needs to be taught how to relax in the forest, where the trees do not assess him and it is possible not to worry about his status. But a person cannot identify himself without status. If no one and nothing confirms our status, it is like we do not exist any longer.

That is why we, shamans, regularly come to you, to different points of the planet! We create seminars. We teach you to be friends with the forest! For the weekend, we will free you from phones, prepare simple tasty food and help you to experience happiness from the roar of the wind, from a living fire, from a spontaneous dance to the sound of a Shaman’s drum…

We show that spirits live in the forest – trees, stones, stars – everything is alive! The world is inhabited by beings of a subtle plane who manipulate a person as they want, if he knows nothing about them, if he has no strong protectors in the subtle plane.

We return you the connection with the spirits of your ancestors, find out who the elder of your family is, we clean the roots of the family tree from parasites that are the cause of misfortune, we call your helping spirits. We apologize to the spirit of money; we attract a stream of abundance, not for destruction, but for creation. We ask to open person’s unique channel through which money will flow as naturally as forest air flows into the lungs. And you come to life!

I will give you a simple and effective method of cleaning from parasites that our students practice:

  1. Stand upright, take a breath, hold your breath and tighten your entire body from your toes to the top of your head for 10-20 seconds.
  2. Feel the powerful energy that is born in the center of the body and begins to spread in all directions like powerful light.
  3. Imagine how this light pushes out of you everything alien, evil, destructive.
  4. Jump sharply to the side with a shout “HA” and get totally relaxed. 
  5. Breathe normally and see how light from space pours into your body. It enters through the top of your head, is distributed throughout the body and heals from all the terrible impacts of the alien interactions.
  6. Do this 3-7 times and repeat 21 days for full recovery.

Detailed instructions on this practice can be obtained by contacting me at https://int.Shakuntali It is very effective to do it in a group of like-minded people, which can be found at our events 

Remembered? As you treat money, so it treats you.

 If you buy each thing for creation, then money starts to work like a mirror! Especially money loves when a person invests it in his development – seminars, rituals, assistant items. I know hundreds of stories when a person donates once for development and receives an unexpected bonus or profit for the same amount, or it even happens that a salary increase or a new contract, that is, the same amount every month!

You can choose how to meet us on our website.

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