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February 17, 2020

The future can be predicted by the idea you serve

What will be your future? Is it possible to influence him? We talked about this with the psychology doctor Shakuntali.

Reference:Shakuntali Enlightened woman, reincarnation of the Ukok princess, Siberian shaman priestess. Possesses clairvoyance, the talent of instant opening of predestination and healing abilities. Doctor of Psychology, founder of the International Academy of working with subconscious “Gyud”.

Whatever position a person occupies in society, the question of the future makes everyone equally interested and at the same time timid. We want to know our future, and we are afraid of it.

Shakuntali told a story that will make you well-disposed towards this issue.

The story that we cannot know our future

The man decided to give a lift to an old man who stood in the rain on the side of the road. Unexpectedly for himself, he began to complain – business is at zero, his wife does not love him, children are sick – at least get into a noose. The elder gave him advice to write on the tablet “It will not always be like this” and stick it in the car.

Time passed, the same old man is standing on the same road. An expensive car flies by, the same man in it. He is fine. Business is growing, his wife is crazy about him, the children have matured and ceased to hurt. The car slowed down, the man waved an old man a hand and drove on. The elder only managed to shout after him: “Do not remove the plate!”

-This story that we cannot know our future?

Shakuntali: Yes, it is important to remember that everything is not forever. However, there is an exact way to diagnose a future person according to the idea that he serves. For example, a girl wants to know if her chosen one will be successful in the future, if now he is only a college student?

– How interesting! Each girl would be happy to build a relationship with the new Mark Zuckerberg and know about his future success!

Shakuntali: Of course, every girl needs to understand this matter very well! Indeed, the well-being of her future children depends on her choice. And it’s important for her to understand that a woman directs all her life force to where her man is going.

A woman is responsible to God for what a man carries to the world around him. If he does good, he preserves nature, teaches people useful skills, finances charity projects, then his woman will receive gifts from God – youth, creativity, travel, spiritual impressions, healthy children.

If a man puts energy into destruction – wars, alcohol, crime, deception and exploitation of people in any form, then God will quickly block energy channels for such a woman. She will quickly age, be sick, experience negative emotions, children will be sick or uncontrollable. Such women are very at risk of dependence on alcohol and drugs, because their heart hurts, but they do not understand that they are so tormented.

– Therefore, are public people trying to show that they have beautiful wives and everything is fine in their families?

Shakuntali: Yes, of course! Otherwise, a wise person will immediately understand who is engaged in what business. With a pure soul and thoughts of a man, all women in the family are blooming, talented, creative, happy! There are always a lot of women around him, because they feel that even just helping in his affairs, participating in his projects, allows them to be in the stream of gifts from God.

– How can a girl determine what her man will do?

Shakuntali: It is important to understand whether a young man is burning with an idea. If he just wants to make money, then he will either be poor, or he will have to break the law, and not only legal, but also space. What is much more dangerous for his woman and children – for his entire family for several generations.

For money itself is the spirits of the lower world – the world of destruction. Money as an idea is very destructive. You can see what happens to people who receive money in the form of a lottery prize or inheritance.

– How to earn money so as not to violate space laws?

Shakuntali: The secret is to serve any idea.

For example, Bill Gates did not just want money and repeated: “I am rich”, but sincerely carried away developing and still the computer industry, served the idea of developing computer

technology, Ford – developing in his time mechanical engineering, Edison – scientific

technical progress.

If a person serves his organization, then he will advance in his career, and his income will grow. If he gives love and happiness to all people, then he himself will be happy. If he is engaged in recovery, then he himself will be healthy. If he disseminates information, makes films, organizes training events, preaches, he will achieve fame.

And most importantly, one must not only burn one’s own idea, but also spread it influence, involve and organize people for its implementation, look for like-minded people, followers, create organizations to carry out this idea. For every idea comes from above and has tremendous energy. She is a living being of a subtle plan that will help you succeed in life.

Of course, there are destructive ideas of nationalism and crime. Those who serve them, they lead to destruction. Often a person loses love and happiness, because he brings this destructive idea of egoism, the desire to enslave and control the object of his love, to demand everything only for himself.

Therefore, you need to carefully study ideas and choose what you like, what you want dedicate yourself and begin to realize this ministry in your life, attracting as many people as possible.

You need to learn and develop yourself to become a good conductor of this idea, since ordinary knowledge and skills for its implementation may not be enough.

– Shakuntali, did I understand correctly that every person should live his own idea?

Shakuntali: Usually a person is passive, he does not look for any ideas, but becomes involved in them through advertising, imitation of a neighbor or following the traditions of his ancestors, obeying the generally accepted dogmas in society, without even thinking about what this might lead him to.

Hence all the troubles and misfortunes, since most of the ideas obtained in this way either destructive, or are long dead dogmas that are not appropriate the current moment, not bearing anything new, positive and constructive.

If a person serves a high creative idea, then from the very first steps he will feel fullness, burning, creative energy – this alone will give him a state of happiness and life. If this is not the case, then either he does not like the idea, or it is not viable.

One must be wary of ideas like financial pyramids. They are not based in service, but in egoism, in simple enrichment, where a person wants to receive something only for himself. Similar ideas, associated with selfishness, base feelings and desires, lead to destruction. And even if a person gets something at the beginning, then in the end he comes to a bad end, as he has become a slave to lower ideas.

You need to constantly monitor what ideas take hold of you and where they can lead you, to become more selective and more conscious in relation to all thoughts and images arising in you, because any thought, any image connects you with a certain idea (egregore). And if you have an emotion, it means that you are already involved in the energy field of this idea, it is already manifested through you, it controls you.

Take a test right now – write down on paper ideas that motivate you to do something now. These may be your planned purchases, trips, meetings, projects in which you participate.

Choose the most desirable, close your eyes and imagine how it all happens to you, what emotions you want to experience, what people around you will feel at that moment.

Emotion is a sign of connecting, holding a certain energy the flow of influence, both good and bad. And if you decide to serve the idea, but you are not emotional response, then it’s from the mind, you are not really included in it.

If the emotion is strong, then you will be included in the idea and your fate depends on the egregor with whom it connects you. Each person without outside help can feel what he brings into the world and in his particular life the egregor who controls him.

It is more difficult to feel what ideas and egregors lead your partner. Here you can focus on his emotional state.

With such a question they often come to me for a consultation. Especially when a person has felt the danger and wants to change the situation.

I will not tire of repeating that it is especially important for women to possess knowledge about this! To be able to recognize ideas and egregors who rule the world through these ideas. It was God who endowed the woman with the quality of selectivity. It is through a woman that he supports the egregors of development and leaves the egregors of destruction and degradation without energy.

But in order to hear God, a woman must be free from selfishness, fear, greed, pity. To hear God, the most valuable thing for a woman should be an elevated mood, for which it is necessary to make efforts and have true ways of tuning.

We are waiting for such special women at our seminars and retreats, which for 30 years I and my colleagues, shamans and healers, have been conducting in 34 countries around the world.

Hundreds of thousands of women received help and healing after they had already given up their energy unconsciously and suffered. Tens of thousands of young girls in time got a true understanding and experience, which saved themselves and their children from troubles and misfortunes. We will help you too!Come to me for a personal consultation, get strong Magic amulets and talismans, engage in groups, and happiness will come into your life!

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