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February 13, 2020

Two Minds: The Battle between the Heart and the Mind

In this particular case, I would like to discuss the brain which we only have one of, obviously, but it consists of two hemispheres: the left and right brain hemisphere and the make-up of each hemisphere being uniquely different.

The questions we need ask is are they opposing each other or working as a team, combining their efforts to achieve a set goal?

he way to find the answer to that question is to break down the purpose of each of the hemispheres, evaluate how they help us to function, and how they serve us in our everyday life. The left and right brain may as well be two worlds apart, but yet together in unity, they work together effortlessly. We will never have to stop for a second to think: “how do I do that again?”  Our brain remembers, stores and compartmentalize everything on our behalf so we can automatically recall and remember how to do the most simple and daily mundane tasks which we in fact take for granted.

he Left brain is the analytical mind. It allows us to think that we are separated from the whole and is perceived as a single entity which is also known as the Ego self. Along with the Ego comes the need for money, the need to be right or to argue that we are right, a fear of separation and death, as well as being in lack, being greedy, or selfish.

The Right brain is the authentic creative self, and the left brain often wants to control and influence the right brain through judgment and instilling doubt, and we see this when our heart – right hemisphere is telling us to do something different to our left hemisphere as our hearts are all about allowing us to feel: Love, compassion, kindness.

We also have a ‘small self’ known as the left thinking mind, whereas the ‘bigger authentic self’ is connected to the right feeling mind allowing us to step into our heart space and encouraging us to follow our intuition.

The masculine thinking mind is the left hemisphere and the creative feminine mind is connected to the right hemisphere. That’s why men are so good at navigating their way around, opposed to the ladies who always get lost. They would rather apply their natural skills turning a house into a home through using their creative right mind.

To know which brain we associate with more is to think about if we are more visual in the way we recall information which is using the right mind, or if we are good at remembering names and places through using the left mind.

Our left brain may constantly be overthinking and overanalyzing, whereas the dreamers with their head in the clouds will be more right-brain orientated, but it’s also important to find that balance so that one does not outweigh the other; there will be some contrast.

Our state of mind is constantly being influenced by our daily thoughts, always chattering away in the background; therefore, we should take note of how negative or positive our thoughts are as they influence our state of mind, and thus what we then naturally attract daily.

When we become aware of our thoughts, the brain will no longer be able to run on autopilot and we will have more control over those automatic functions running on autopilot.

Remember, the brain wants to store all our habits and make life as easy for us as possible, but that’s not always a good thing as the neurons in our brain create pathways that will connect to other neurons making the connections of habits: good or bad, positive or negative.

We are designed to manifest on the basis of what we seek we will find and if we seek, for example, a red bird, because it is a sign that a loved one is near, the neurons in our brain will assist us in this observing function bringing forth into our reality the ability to find the said red bird easier. So, the longer we stay focused on seeing the red bird, the more it will show up for us. Because of this, so many also speak of the law of attraction, but we simply become aware of something we were not aware of before as our mind deemed it useless or unimportant.

Our right mind is about being compassionate, being appreciative, and being grateful for everything and everyone in our life. Unfortunately, there are so many who spend an awful lot of time speaking ill, degrading and insulting others, and we aren’t always kind about what we think of ourselves either.

The Right hemisphere is all about right here and right now; living in the moment, and accepting everything and every one just as they are, being eternally optimistic.

Whereas our left hemisphere is the more serious side to us and wants to run everything to a tight schedule, constantly comparing current events to past events, judging everything from right to wrong, and establishing what is safe or not.

I know we are not giving the left mind much credit, but the left mind is not all bad. It’s the tool we need to function with everyday practical matters in the external world, like using language and being able to communicate through body language or facial expressions. Without language we cannot step into the creative flow of the ‘I AM.’

The ‘I AM’ empowers our identity and helps us become the better version of ourselves whilst our creative mind sees us becoming that.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

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