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March 18, 2020

11 Ways to Get Rid of Negativity

Do you know when you spend time with someone that is really negative and you come away feeling really drained, negative and down? We can be hoovers for negative energy and it can really be hard to shake it off, especially if it is everywhere.

Sometimes people struggle. They carry big boulders of sadness in a backpack and when they unload it onto you, they hand you a boulder. Sometimes you can just drop it, but sometimes, you don’t really realise someone is handing you a stone and then you feel overwhelmed because you have a backpack of your own filled with other peoples trauma. Which makes you feel down and like you don’t actually know how to get out of the funk. Which makes you feel frustrated because you have all this bad energy sitting in your body having a tea party and you didn’t do anything wrong.

You don’t have to carry this negativity around. You showed a kindness by relieving someone of their pain for a moment but now it is time to cleanse yourself and feel fresh and let go of this negative energy.


Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is the cure to all negativity. Set aside 2 minutes, make a cup of tea and sit down and express gratitude.

That can be sending people messages showing appreciation for them. 

Just thinking about it and feeling that gratitude. 

Posting on social media about it. 

Writing it down in a journal. 

Dancing around to it. 

Just talking to yourself with a cup of tea 

Writing a list 

Thinking of nice ways to thank people for their kindness. 

Thinking of the good things that the negative person has done for you in the past and showing compassion to them. 

By leveraging the power of gratitude, you can defeat any negativity.



Get out your mat and do a positive yoga flow. If you are new to the idea, go to a yoga class near you and spend an hour reconnecting with yourself and your body. Pushing yourself to new limits and expressing yourself out while getting a workout in. Yoga helps release the 4 happiness chemicals in your brain on top of the positive energy that comes with yoga. Two in one. Exercise can cleanse the soul and help you sweat out the negativity, yoga is a great place to start. 


Do a kind act for someone

Flip the script and spread positivity even if you feel down. Kindness is as infectious as negativity, take that negative energy and rebel. Think of a kindness you can show and go do that and watch how you light up someone’s world. See that energy and match it. You can cure yourself of negativity because in the end, kindness and love always win. 



Do a guided meditation on cleansing your spirit. Take a moment to sit down and breathe. Feel the darkness inside that you are carrying and breathe them out. There are many guided meditations for this, I strongly recommend it, once you stop carrying it within you, you will feel lighter. It doesn’t have to be a long one but guaranteed once you start, the meditation won’t be long enough. For a good clearing meditation, pick one between 15-20 minutes if you are in a rush and if you have carved out a good amount of time, try an hour. 


Reiki or Crystal therapy

If you want to bring out the big guns, go for some crystal therapy or reiki, they help cleanse your aura and settle your feelings. They also interact with your energy field and help release some of the negative energy. 


Go spend some time in nature

Dance in the waves. Run through the woods. Lie in the sun. Climb on the rocks. Plant some seedlings to grow into a beautiful plant. Light a fire and sing around it. Breathe into the wind. Get down and gritty with nature. You won’t regret it. Nature absorbs negativity. 


Hang out with positive people

Sometimes it just takes a breath of fresh air, find the most positive person you know and ground yourself in their energy and wavelength. Get out of your own head and into the light by spending time with wonderful and vibrant people that make you feel alive and happy. Make plans with them, go for coffee with them. Go where they hang out. 


Pour the negativity into a stone and throw it into the ocean to be cleansed

Getting that feeling out of your body is key.

Start by picking a stone.

Then visualise your body, picture the darkness inside you, it can appear in whatever form your mind sees.

Smoke, tar, tendrils, vines, stones. Your mind will see it as it chooses too, don’t fight it, accept that it is there. 

Pour the darkness into a stone.

Then toss it away from you. 

Into the water, into the earth, into the fire. Nature will cleanse it free. 

If you still feel the darkness a little, do it again until you feel better. 


Burn a negativity candle

These candles can be really amazing when paired with some meditation or yoga, they are designed to make you feel positive and relaxed. They also help your mind clear the negativity, you have given this candle the power, you decided it was going to work and it does, because you believe it. Your beliefs go a long way, use this to your advantage and have faith in a magic candle. 


Do something stupid and fun that makes you laugh and feel like a child

Reconnect with that innocent inner child, go do something crazy and spontaneous. Put on your favourite tv show and laugh like a kid. Call your funny friend and have a chat. Whatever you think feels silly, go do it and relish in the freedom that you rebelled. 


Bang it out

Grab a pot and a pan and a quiet space. Bang pots together or clap. Make noise. Get that energy out of there with passion and vigour! Just like a thunderstorm clearing the air, disrupt that negativity! Bang away until you feel fresh! 


Emotionally cleanse

This one is important, it is really good to clear all of your negative emotions and face them. It is important to feel your feelings, they are there for a reason and they are valid. Don’t fear them, face them and reassure yourself, sometimes they can just get out of control and they love to disguise the real pain you are feeling. I have written another article on emotional cleaning here but you could also do a guided chakra meditation. 


I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to get the negativity out of your body. It can be so difficult when you feel all this darkness inside you, especially when it is a slow process. Sometimes it just builds and builds until one day you realise you are really down and it is overwhelming and you don’t know how to get rid of it. 

Or you do know how but you talk yourself out of trying because it is effort and you feel down so you just want to sit and eat ice cream and feel sorry for yourself. Take responsibility for your mental health and make the decision to heal yourself. Try all these methods and more, don’t give up the fight, you deserve to be free from negativity. If you do, you can only create a positive impact in the world. 

Peace be with you. Namaste. 


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