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March 24, 2020

12 Things to Watch for the Consciously-Minded During Lockdown

So here we are…waiting out social distancing and “shelter in place” mandates. We can only meditate so much and if you can’t work from home you have a lot of time on your hands. So, here are the top 12 shows and movies to dive into for a good dose of fantasy, quantum reality, and expanding your consciousness.

TV Shows:

Messiah: I was mesmerized by this one. A man in Syria starts performing miracles. He then shows up out of the blue in the middle of a tornado in Texas. Who is this man? Is he the Messiah returned? It’s complete with international espionage and FBI agents scratching the heads while having their lives turned upside down. On Netflix

Once Upon a Time: One of my all-time favorites. A series complete with all of the fairy tales we grew up with but re-told from two timelines. One from the enchanted forest and the other in Storybook, Maine where they have forgotten who they are because of the evil queens’ curse. The show is ripe with a multitude of characters both good and bad that you learn to love. What’s even better is that if you watch it long enough it ends up turning the concepts of good and bad on its head. On Netflix

The Gift: An artist draws a symbol over and over again since childhood, which happens to be the same symbol found in an archeological dig from thousands of years ago. A stranger keeps on showing up in her life leading her toward her destiny. But, her family, and her fiancee’ whose father stinks of the Cabal, wants her to have nothing to do with it. This is perfect if you are finding your way back to your truth, but others are trying to suppress it. On Netflix

Undone: This adult animated show explores the elastic nature of time with surprising twists and turns. After the main character, Alma wakes from being in a coma after a car wreck, her reality starts coming undone as she starts stepping into the quantum field. With her extra-senses intact, she goes on a quest to discover what really happened with her father’s death. On Amazon

Initiation: Matias De Stefano is your host in this deep dive into the nature of reality. De Stefano was born an indigo child who never forgot who he was. Now as an adult he has the ability to connect with the Akashic Records and bring back mind-blowing information about the multiple dimensions of reality, how it all works, and how to engage deeper beyond the third dimension. On Gaia

Cosmic Disclosure: This show, which has become a classic in the disclosure movement, features researcher and author David Wilcock, with whistleblowers Corey Goode, and Emery Smith. Get ready to have your mind blown with information regarding the secret space mission, extraterrestrials, and more. If you haven’t seen this…strap on your seatbelt! On Gaia


I Am Dragon: If you love dragons this is a must-see. This is one of the only movies I know that actually shows dragons from a multi-textured perspective, not just merely as monsters. In it, Princess Miroslav is kidnapped during her wedding because her fiancee’s family sang an old song of an ancient ritual where the maiden is taken by a dragon as a sacrifice for the villager’s lives. However, this ancient song inadvertently awakens a dragon who cannot fight its call. On Amazon

The Matrix: The classic…need I say more. But, if you haven’t seen it. See it. This sci-fi adventure is about a man who sees beyond the matrix of the regular world and down the rabbit hole into the computer-driven digital matrix. Many believe that this film is the closest that actually comes to exposing the matrix that we can’t see, but can feel. On Amazon

The Lord of the Rings: The whole trilogy has become a classic that has deeply touched our collective consciousness. Frodo the unlikely hero, Gandolf the wizard who holds wisdom and light, and the Eye of Sauron the evil that has been waiting to get what is his. If you haven’t seen it or haven’t seen it in a while…dive in.

What Dreams May Come: A movie of love and the afterlife. The main character (Robin Williams) dies in a car accident. He tries to remain close to his grieving wife, whose children also have previously died. But, she takes her own life and is banished to eternal damnation. Or is she? A beautiful film about the afterlife and what awaits. On Amazon

Astral City: Another view of the afterlife. The main character dies and is stuck in a dimension of strife and pain. But, after a while, he realizes that he just needs to ask for help and is mercifully transferred to a beautiful city full of wonder. Through this experience, he reflects on his life and how to truly help others. On Gaia

Above Majestic: This is the full-on disclosure movie. If you haven’t watched Cosmic Disclosure this is the place to start. It gives you a wide-open view of the secret space program, where it comes from, and who is involved. It also talks about the implications for humanity. For the sensitive, I recommend this in two settings. On Amazon

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