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March 26, 2020

6 Dating & Relationship Practices During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Amid growing concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the recent spike of reported cases in New York City, Cleveland, Los Angeles and other parts of the U.S., as well as globally, many may wonder, “is now a good time to date or how can I still date and be safe?”

While we’re still technically in relationship “cuffing season”, the time of year when people couple off to enjoy cozy snuggles and companionship during the winter months, the coronavirus scare, may create a slight pause, and suggest we may want to take precautionary measures before deciding to “boo-up” with our next potential suitor.

Tinder, the popular dating app, recently urged its subscribers to exercise safety precautions while dating.

Though there is still much more for the public to learn and fully understand about the spread and virulent nature of the virus, the best and safest practices would be to err on the side of caution, much like we would during a typical flu season. Perhaps employing even greater safety strategies. 

While it’s critical for us to remain calm and eject love rather than fear into the world, we can also be prepared. Preparedness is key and is not analogous to panic.

As a Dating & Relationship Expert and an advocate of self-love, self-awareness and spirituality, I strongly support going inward when life forces stillness and silence upon us. This is a propitious time for us to check in with our hearts and our minds and notice if we’re operating from a source of fear or of love, by recognizing and minding our thoughts.  Are we living in fear daily and projecting our fears out into the world or are we embodying love? The energy we vibrate in, is the energy we emit into the world and will create our experience.

Fear begets fear. Love begets love. So, while we’re still learning more about COVID-19 let’s be mindful to send more love and less fear into the world, even beyond the coronavirus.

Love is what makes the world go round and what heals our planet. So, just imagine if we all choose love and send more loving thoughts out into the world.

Love requires that we see love in one another. Therefore, while we’re faced with this challenge, that’s beyond our control, we still need connections to happen, relationships to blossom, and love and intimacy to grow. We are in fact, love. But, there are practices we can adapt to date and cultivate dating, love and relationships more safely.

Here are 6 safety dating and relationship practices we can utilize during coronavirus that can keep us connected:

1.   Take it back old-school. If you’re a bit old-fashioned like me, you might enjoy the archaic practice of talking hours on the phone, laughing and bantering with your potential romantic partner. It’s a benign and fun way to build communication and connection with a suitor. It also creates an opportunity to learn a lot about one another without leaving your home. Video-chatting is also a wonderful and safe alternative to meeting in person until the virus spread ceases.

If you are married or coupled, communication is key to a healthy and successful relationship. Consider using this time to reconnect and re-engage with your partner. Talk. Ask questions. Listen. Laugh. Build intimacy. 

2.   Choose lip-locking partners carefully. Kissing and hand-holding during the initial stages of dating is fun and exciting. However, if your partner is someone very new to you, you might want to wait to lock lips until we know more about the virus and/or the season’s change. You may also want to be more selective in practicing kissing only within exclusive dating relationships. Non-exclusivity could mean one simple kiss and you’re kissing multiple people at the same time.

I would imagine that it would be extremely challenging to keep a multi-family membered home completely sanitized during this time. But, consider the best practices to eliminate the spread of germs within your household.

3.   Date-night at home. Winter months are for cocooning and nesting, which can often be more fun and romantic for a date night at home, perhaps experimenting with favorite recipes. Ordering take-out from our favorite restaurants is also a great option and keeps our economy boosted. In spite of the panic over the coronavirus, it’s important that we continue to spend money and support our local merchants and economy.

Spouses and children can cook and bake together and create food cooking challenging games or wars.

4.   Consider avoiding contained and crowded spaces. Maybe Netflix over movie theaters? Board games over billiards and bowling, family game night, etc. However, if you and your date are burning to get outside, perhaps meet for a run or stroll in a park, a bike ride, roller-skating/blading, or meet in an open restaurant or cafe. It won’t hurt to sanitize your personal space while in public. Though more cities are suggesting quarantine, we should listen to our local health and government officials and follow their guidelines. 

5.   Say it in words. If we’re dating long distance and our travel is impacted by COVID-19, why not express our hearts in words and send an old-fashioned love note by snail mail? Who wouldn’t love receiving a personally written love letter? This can build and keep the flame burning.

Couples could explore fun by leaving a series of love notes for your partner within different places in the home. Keep the fun and spark going.

6.   Date yourself. When life slows us down, it’s a pivotal time to go inward — to soul-search. Who better to date and get to know then ourselves? Moments of global, massive “silence” can guide us toward inner-silence. We can spend more time in meditation, mindfulness, journaling, reading, and nurturing our minds, souls, and bodies with healthy and positive nourishment and self-love. We can write love notes to ourselves, pamper and spoil ourselves with hot baths, self-massages, candlelight, essential oils, and more. 

Couples can also retreat to using this time to build the steam and intimacy — baths and hot showers together, massaging one another, spending quality time talking and dating one another, laughing, playing a fun game, etc. There are so many creative, fun, and romantic activities we can create while we’re forced to hibernate.  We can enjoy this time and search for the good in it and use the time wisely. Being positive and exercising love and calm will benefit us far greater than panic and fear.

While there’s still so much uncertainty around the coronavirus, it’s important that we exercise calm and continue living our lives as much as possible. Dating, love, and relationships are an integral part of our human existence and we shouldn’t stop dating and creating love but perhaps we do with greater precaution and intentionality.

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