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March 20, 2020

I & You Grieve Differently

Grief is so complex

You can grieve someone who has passed
You can grieve someone who is still living
You can grieve parts of your journey
You can grieve parts you can’t re do or get back
You can grieve places
You can grieve opportunities or missed sacred moments to share space or speak up
You can grieve versions of you & times you weren’t able to fully live & breathe & laugh or love
You can grieve those who are close to you & those you never grew close too
You can grieve the closure or lack there of
You can grieve friendships or relationships
You can grieve dreams or goals
You can grieve living in itself or grieve the fact you didn’t live at all
You can grieve the life of a loved one or the memory of a version of someone who no longer exists

No one can determine if your grief is legitimate or if it’s worthy of you to “grieve”

Grief hits and rattles us all differently.
The stages of our grief rocks sometimes upside down while others follow the researched based flow.

Some of us process – others splatter & allow it to cascade all of life itself
Some of us are quiet others of us scream and roar
Some of us talk about it others internalize and flow
Some of us weep others of us blame
Some of us think “what if” others think “what’s next”
Some of us settle down others of us get really busy
Some of us draw people close others of us shut down and shut out
Some of us find healthy outlets some of us numb out
Some of us grieve slowly others of us speed up and head out
Some of us journal others of us run
Some of us think of it often others not at all
Some of us become angry others of us welcome more love
Some of us lose patience others of us gain more

Grief looks different for us all.

Think of how you treat others in their time of grief
& think of how you, yourself, would like to be treated during yours

We are asked to learn one another’s love languages but when do we learn each other’s grief languages?

Hard times hit us all.
But how?

When we learn each others grief languages
We also open a massive radical soulful portal to love and support.

Be open to have those convos.

Someone else’s grief may not mean much to you – they don’t need it too , they just need YOU in a way that shows up as they need you too and that way may not be the way that you normally do.

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