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March 21, 2020

The Coronavirus: A Higher Perspective

This week has been intense for us all as we step into an acceleration of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many have been bombarded with fear, confusion, and overwhelm.

I also have felt the intensity. I’ve been caring for a sick loved one in quarantine. Then I started to get sick myself. While numerous patients were contacting me regarding their possible Covid-19 symptoms.

Fortunately, we are better now. However, with all of the pressure, something popped inside of me, and I began asking the deeper questions, “What is this virus all about? What is it teaching us?” As a walker between the worlds, I started peering down the rabbit hole to see what humanity is being asked to learn.

What was shown to me first was that it is breaking down our self-isolating perspective that we are disconnected from others. We are being forced collectively to go through a powerful initiation into our collective unity.

In meditation, I was shown…no I knew that humanity is truly ONE! Humanity is a breathing living organism, and we are in a unified field intimately intertwined with one another and our beautiful planet.

This pandemic is smacking us square in the face with a wide-angle view of the world. It is helping us realize that what happens to one person, state, or country affects the entire collective web.

This virus is also teaching us that we need to stop. We are being forced to stop and take a long hard look at our life and what’s happening in the world.

Humanity as an organism is not well. Our earth is not well. We are in a collective healing crisis and the Coronavirus is a symptom of this process. This virus is teaching us to STOP, LOOK, and ASK what our role is in this significant illness, inside and out.

Therefore, we are being asked to up our game, especially if we have been sitting on the sidelines.

The virus, firestorms, typhoons, floods, the many other symptoms of climate change, the 6th great extinction, overwhelming bigotry, political chaos, seemingly perpetual wars, and on it goes. We are not well.

For us to shift into wellness as a collective, things must change. And change is upon us.

I believe all of this chaos is showing us how to break free and find our way back to the Unified Field.

However, this knowing of oneness doesn’t come easily. There are a lot of initiations and healing crises’ that humanity has to go through to get there.

Our egos, our individualized sense of self, all of the protective mechanisms that try to keep us safe, as well as the negative emotions tied up with these protections, stand between our knowing of the unified consciousness.

This is where the big work comes in, the work of facing down and healing the things that keep us separate.

How do we do this? We begin by asking the difficult questions based on the lies our ego tells us. Then we face down these lies that have run our lives, and heal whatever needs healing. Otherwise, the ego will continue to spout its lies of separation.

The biggest lies that keep us separate stem from the answers to these questions.

1) Name the things that you fear the most? (Such as the fears that this pandemic has stirred…fear of isolation, of this virus, of illness, and death.)
2) Name the things and people that you most judge? (Because if you look deep enough, judgment is usually a facade for believing yourself to be less than.)
3) Name the things that you hate the most? (Yes, Lightworker this includes our president, political chaos, corporate personhood, environmental degradation, and the thousands of years of patriarchal violence).

These are the three biggies that stand in your way. Because by the very nature of their existence, they keep you “safe” by keeping you “separate”.

To break free from the matrix, which our ego holds us in, requires healing ALL that says you are separate.

This healing is mandatory for us to step into a unified field and shift into a new timeline together and help carry each other home.

Thank you Coronavirus virus for teaching us how to free ourselves from the dysfunctional matrix and remember who we are. You are a very hard and difficult teacher with an extremely important message.

In facing our fears, releasing our judgments, coming to peace with our hatred, we begin to break the illusion of the lies we tell ourselves and we step into a unified field of oneness TOGETHER.

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